A lot of the players of the three final teams will have a good sleep tonight but I think they will party at the moment.


We never expected so many points but every score was fine and we truely have to say Thank You and chapeau or better Sombrero because that is the one we have to take of our head to show you the respect you earned.

We thank you for the glorious gameplay you showed us in these 36 hours. Tell me one e-sport which could keep up with that. :-) Party and have some drinks, sing and dance. You all earned it. We will send the trophies to South America perhaps after the Anomaly in Berlin because I still have to wait for some more things to put into the box. :-) Team Angry Frogs will receive their trophy in Berlin. All players of all teams already have their badge in their EBL profile. I hope you had fun in this tournament and we hope you will tell more people about it if you did. See you all in the upcoming Season on the 4th of November when the Anomaly will take place.

I hope we will get the ALL Star Game done because of the Anomaly trip I won´t be able to be at a PC and managing all from a cellphone is a bit tricky.

But now, lets have a look at the final score of the best 8 players of each team. Amazing

World Champions: Hypnosapos 37.550.471 AP


Second Place: Angry Frogs 28.192.195 AP


Thrird Place: República Separatista 24.285.931 AP



EisFrei and durschdti