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The following new options are available:


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Agent Profile

Now user daily, weekly and monthly ranks will be shown in your personal user profile.

The "Lost in Translation" badge was redesigned by EisFrei and everyone who is missing his language pack can come to us and join this translation group. Big thanks to those who already have this badge and helped us with our important contents.

We like to introduce one new badge. EisFrei and I don´t have so much time to beat you in the daily race for the badges because we have to manage the EBL. If I, or rather the two of us, would have much more time, we could already be the stars of the league but one never is the best customer of one's own product. :-) We still like to come up with some extra badges which even we can earn. After meeting last year in a bar and enjoying 1 or 2 beer, I can´t remember the number anymore, we already earned us Met the admin "Encountered agents durschdti and/or EisFrei and helped them in their struggle against dehydration". If you ever meet us, just come up to us and give us your name and we will give you this badge.


Take your chance for the Met the admin badge on 14th of April in Dresden.


Current Registration Stats
Enlightened -> 499 Agents
Resistance -> 448 Agents
No Faction —> 1 Agent
Total —> 948

After using the EBL as a multi language unit, we have helped programmers, who have created useful tools, with language packs. These can be used for your Mission Days as well. You don´t have to come up with new tools as they already exist. :-)

More than half of your MD preparations can be done by these great tools. :-)

MD Butler Support - https://t.me/md_butler_support
Missionday.Info - https://www.missionday.info/
Missionday Shop - https://www.missionday.info/

Spartakiade Contest

In Games you will find the competitions which will start on the 7th of May and end on the 27th of May. The best 3 players will be awarded with a medal in real life and a badge in the EBL account. Choose your competitions wisely because they will take 36 hours to finish. It could be a gamble if you want to win in 24 hours and already start in the next game. :-)
Team contest is a bit different. Each team will receive points for each competition and the points added together will show us the best 3 teams after all games are finished. Why? Teams are so big they can compete in each competition because 8 players can play for that stat and another 8 players can start for another stat.

Thankfully EisFrei managed to create a new scorboard view and no player has to join the created EBL Spartakiade teams. We will check the games in a table like Singleplayer or Teams and sort for the highest score. EisFrei still has to fix the scoreboard to the best 8 players to make it equal but he is on it.

The game will tell you when each competition starts but you can also download the ical to have it in your personal calendar.


Lighthouse Post Card Event

California ENL is asking me to spread the following message. They are looking for post cards from all over the world for their team.

We are asking agents to go to lighthouses near them, get a postcard of it, get it stamped if there is a passport stamp available and then mail it to us. Here's where to get your passport stamps for some lighthouses in states A-L: http://uslhs.org/fun/passport-club/lighthouses-state-l
lighthouse postcard tie-in for our Navarro Portal: http://teampharos.com/adventure/

LiminalContinuum Camp Navarro

Check out
https://plus.google.com/u/1/114409553601935368712/posts/7UR9DcHn3zx or visit directly https://www.liminalcontinuum.com/


EisFrei and durschdti