Happy New Year to all EBl Teams,

and a big Thank You for joining this project. We hope all of you had a good start into the new year and you are still full of embitions for our league.

One year creating

Time is passing and it is almost a year since I met EisFrei who said yes to help me on this project. We never met in person but we both are looking forward to do so. We wrote on Christmas and told each other that we are happy how we share things and work on the same side to be creative. We have to admit it would be much more simple if we would live around the corner but 466km aren´t that much in global scale with having the internet. We are full of ideas but having not that much time as we liked to but we want to keep this project going and bring it to life and we only can do this with your help.

Season Two

The second beta season has finished a few hours ago and 54 out of 96 teams have stats on the board. More than half of the teams show us that the system is working at their place. We keep working on it that all teams will have the same result in the future.

Season Two Season Champions

The new and old season Champions are SDHD from Vienna.

Season Two Top Teams

To see which teams did best in the season I created a season which shows us, all teams in one division. https://liga.erleuchte.de/seasons/4/divisions/1. It doesn´t matter in which divsion you are, you still have the chance to become EBL Champion. With this table I can create a new Playoffs Series. Since we had to change the starting date on the second of the month because of the trouble that the monthly points were already given on the first, we have to reorganize the timetable for the playoffs. We only change it by a day.

This is the new timetable.

2nd: checking on teams and creating playoffs
3rd: checking on teams and creating playoffs
4th: Wild Card A 8th vs. 9th
5th: Wild Card B 7th vs. 10th
6th: 5th vs. 6th
7th: 3rd vs. 4th
8th: 1st vs. Lowest Winning Seed From Wild Card Round
9th: 2nd vs. Highest Winning Seed From Wild Card Round
10th: recreation
11th: recreation
12th: recreation
13th: Semi Final A
14th: Semi Final B
15th: recreation
16th: recreation
17th: recreation
18th: Final

Wild-Card Games

As always we start with the Wild-Card games. The games have been set and will start on the 4th of January https://liga.erleuchte.de/games. I am happy that a South America Team is in the playoffs. So we can test the upload time for a global game. I set the game time on 8 p.m. from the 4th to 8 p.m. on the 5th. Like any other game it will start on the same time as it ends and will last one day. So my dear amigos from Colombia if there are any problems tell me. I want a fair game and we want to know the bugs we have in the system.

Beta Season Three

The new season has been created and all teams have been set in new and old divison because of their points. https://liga.erleuchte.de/seasons/3. How did we do this? The best 4 teams advance one division higher. The lowest 4 teams will fall. number 5 and 6 will stay. Why do we do it this way? We want to give as many teams as possible the chance to advance but we have to create a status quo at least for two places to be the rescue point of not dropping out of the higher division.


If you check out the scoreboard and say, Hey, the stats ain´t the same like in season., this is because of the counting system in the season. Every dayly, weekly and the monthly point is counted into the whole table. The scoreboard shows the normal gained points over the time you look at.


We have a total count of 924 registered users. 196 of them had a good upload for the monthly counting. So that is a bad number. We have to fix that and search for the problems. I don´t think that 700 resistance players logged into our system. We must have some major issues with the game play and usability. If you have trouble to send your stats or logging in, just write me on TG or HO.

Best Wishes

I would like to close this news letter by leaning on the beginning of it. Thank you all for helping us creating something that bring back the ambitions, the fun and especially new friends around this small world we live in. Stay being as you are and live a life in harmonie with your family, friends and yourself. Have a great Year 2017.


EisFrei and durschdti