Hello EBL Teams,

the fourth and last Quater Final has ended and this is the score.

8th December 2016 20:00– 9th December 20:00 ==NinjaFrogs – Dresden 1938209:516694==

Upcoming Semi Finals
The Fabulious 4

12th December 2016 20:00– 13th December 20:00 ==SDHD - GreenBerlin==

13th December 2016 20:00– 14th December 20:00 ==NinjaFrogs - Frogswat HL==

Rule Changes

We opened the timewindow for Playoffs. It isn´t 10 minutes anymore. You have one hour till deadline. So if you done you can already upload one hour before. So you start at the time we say and you have to finish between one hour before or on time.

Beta Season Two

Today we created the new season. All Divisions have been filled. I Placed all teams into on division and filtered who is even. That is why it look like this. 40 Teams haven´t made points yet because they didn´t upload right. The other 55 teams made it right. So your team it in a division with teams who they are equal at the moment. This will change in the following month. We watch closely how the teams develope to create the best competition for your team.

The Season Upload is explained in this picture again. Perhaps it helps you to understand the system better. 20 o´clock is 8p.m. CET. This is one hour after the TG bots sends you the reminder to upload for the daily upload. We want to stick to the 9 hour time window because if you upload twice the same stats you break the scoreboard for yourself and your stats won´t count. Always make some points between the uploads. Also if you missed an upload the day before you can fix that. You only have to upload twice on a day.


Shirt Logo

Like I wrote yesterday I would like to have some help to fix my sketch of the logo. If somebody could do that I can release the file and all of you can download it. It makes no sense to ship the shirts around the world. Let us try to keep the world green without sending stuff around which can be downloaded. Even if the shop did a great shop. I will go to sleep with it because it looks so great. :-) :-)



EisFrei and durschdti