Dear  EisFrei,

I thank you very much for the last 3 years and I hope we will continue at least another 3 years of this friendship and partnership. It is a pleasure to know you and to manage this project with you.

Since you haven´t received your birthday package yet, I only can wait till you have it. I hope you will like it and you see my gratefulness to you as a friend.

I hope we will have the chance to continue our project with Ingress Prime. Someone should tell the programmers not to forget about a share button. If they do, at least we can get some rest and the first beer will be on me. :-)

Enjoy your day and party hard.

Oh, don´t think since you are getting old and slower I will tell team Tadepole to be easy on you in the semi final. :-)

You already received your birthday badge.

You can continue the work now. I am still waiting for a tournament tree, an automated badge system, a better ocr, an intro for the EBL podcast, automated season management, an automated All Star Game management, etc.... Just kidding, stay as you are and continue to be awesome everyday. :-)