Hello EBL Teams,

even on such a sunny saturday EisFrei is working on the website to provide more to you.

User Questions

Can you create single player league.


We take your earlier upload and compare it with your last one. So you only have to change the URL and you will see how you did compared to another player.

We try to fix it but EisFrei and I have the focus on the Team League in first place and he has to go outside from time to time to catch a little bit of sun. :-)

How to upload with an iPhone

  • I will change the help soon

  • my girlfriend has an iphone and she said you can use your mail programm but you have to submit the pic in original size and with the emailadress you registered

EBL User Stats

At the moment we have a total of


but only



from (following stats are from 01/13/17 until today)


and new players still visit us every day. :-)


User Settings

In the new https://liga.erleuchte.de/users you can show your g+ or V profile to get in touch but it is your choice to do so. If you like to show your g+ account you can activate this option in



Have a nice day


EisFrei and durschdti