Hello EBL Teams,

I hope the new experience of having three teams in a final was good and something you liked.

Each and every team told me, they worked and walked as much as their body and their cell phone battery could give them. We are so proud of you and enjoy the great feedback.

1. SDHD - 4,000,000

2. República Separatista - 2,406,790

3. Brunswick Lions - 1,567,165

The scores seem to be very low but this is because of the average calculation. Team SDHD used the system and put 2 players right on the spot to reach 4.000.000 AP in one day. We will change this next season because the whole team should be on the scoreboard and not only 2 players.

Congratulations to the EBL Champions



Season 7 finished two days ago because the final game of the playoffs was played. Why Season 7? The playoffs are the result of this season and will be played while the next season is running.

We thought about to change the system to a two month season and one month of playoffs or even some different modes but the community told us that the gameplay is just fine and so we will stick to it. We had doubts that it is too much and too fast but we give the players what they want. :-)

Season 8

Season 8 is still on the run and the fight for Season Champion has never been so close as this time.


Will Phoenixmasonry uncrown SDHD and stop them from taking the next Championship in a row?


EisFrei just finished a better overview for each player. Checkout https://liga.erleuchte.de/calendar/2017/7. Your team games and public events will be highlighted in green.

Season 9

Since the release of the Beta, we have developed and changed the system. We know not everything was for the better. We are taking the lessons learned from the feedback into consideration and change the gameplay with the start of the new season.


  • No Average Counting anymore
  • Season and Playoffs will be count by the total of the best players from 2 to 8
  • The ALL Star Game will be played in the next month while the season has a break
  • Since we changed to an automated result system, we cannot put you into the ALL Star Teams without leaving you in them
  • All players of the teams will spend one day in the ALL Star Teams and will be transfered back after the game has ended
  • One day later, the new season will start and no points for your team will be lost

I think these are all changes for the upcoming season.

I am thinking about creating a tournament which will be seperate from the season and the playoffs to test if a World Cup could be possible. All Teams will be invited and not only the best 12. This way all teams can test the game play. However, for such a tournament I would love to have a better overview to show you on the webside what is going on and which team is doing well. Season 12 isn´t so fare away and this means we are about to become a project which will have it´s birthday by release. What could be better than celebrating it with a tournament including all of you. Oh, by the way, a friend of mine who draws some of the achievements will develop more and she likes zombies and unicorns. I wonder how the next badge could look like? :-)


EisFrei and durschdti