Hello EBL Teams,

the first half of Season 14 has already passed. Let us have a look in the divisions and to the upcoming events.

Division Recursion

SDHD is in the leading position and on their way for another title.


Division Interitus

Will Sofia Hot Frogs catch up to NWBT because of a difference of some degree Celcius to mother Russia or will the trained Ice Frogs advance to the Recursion division with the title "Victorious" in their glows again?


Division Helios

Zuerich has to be in a different climate zone or the players like to play more in the winter and relax in the summer.


Playoffs Semi Final

The first semi final started yesterday and will present us today the first of three final teams.

Good luck to all of you.



Since everyone is waiting for Ingress Prime, some cities have the last chance to make a Mission Day before its release. Luckily my hometown is in the list and we will have ours on the 14th of April. So come around and let us shake hands. Visit dresden.missionday.info for further informations.

Big thanks to:

  • missionday.info for supporting us with a free Mission Day website and shop
  • the agents @eemil, @Belgara, @torpedko, @ZdendaLBC, @DJtommek, @VeniceQueenn, @abstractpainter, @terp79

I hope I didn´t miss anyone and if I did just tell me and I add them. But these players earned their "Lost in Translation" badge for helping us because now missionday.info can provide Russian, Polish, Spanish, Czech, German and English to all of you if you plan to create a Mission Day and would like to invite your neighbors who speak a different language. If your language is missing and you would like to create your own Mission Day website besides Niantics event website, feel free to use Mission Day Language Form to add yours.

New Teams

Since it took us so long to break the barrier of 2000 green accounts we are already heading to 2100 in big steps. Team Späti Ultras from Berlin, CINEA from the Czech Republic and ENL Madrid OPs & MUs joined us lately. Welcome to the EBL and have fun. If you miss something in Help or Rules please let me know.

The EBL Spartakiade

This event is coming closer and closer and will start on the 1st of May.

To heat up your excitement, you can have a first look at the trophies and medals now.



I will bring a trophy also to the Mission Day registration where you can have a closer look at it. This way you can see it with your own eyes before I win it and have it on display in my living room. :-)

The Gameplay

The first 8 competitions will be single player and everyone can choose his or her diciplin. Why choosing?
I will set up "Teams" named with the discipline and the game will take 36 hours but after 24 hours the next discipline will start and so on. This way it will be played like in the playoffs, each day another game starts but the preceding game will end while the next game keeps on running. A maximum of 4 medals can be won by each player. You have to earn the other four medals next year if you want to win them all.

Signing Up

Each player has to sign up for the "Team/Discipline" he or she likes to play. I or my helping mods will accept the players. When the game ends the new "Team/Discipline" will be ready to be signed in.

Team Gameplay

After the single events will have finished, the teams will battle each other. In the normal scoreboard daily games, all teams will have to fight in a discipline.


The team with the most medals in single competition plus the wins in multiplayer will earn the big trophy for being the best team.

  • golden medals count more than silver and bronze like at the Olympics.
  • daily scoreboard in the team event will be counted the same way without handing everyone a medal

I hope you are excited and come around in April or compete in May.