Hello players,

how is everybody doing? After a month of rest, you should be totally relaxed and ready for the next season to start. The year is almost over and for many players Christmas holidays are coming up. We hope you enjoyed the year 2018 with the EBL and stick with us in 2019 as well.


The time table of 2018 won´t change very much compared to 2019. We will try to manage the Spartakiade and the World Cup in May and October. The season will take a break in those months and will continue after the events will have finished.

Since EisFrei managed to fix the issues with Ingress Redacted, we are happy to look forward to the next year. We are sorry about some problems and the short and badly communicated break last month. We hope some of you understand and shake off the anger you experienced.

Since we are still a two men show, I asked EisFrei to create an Advanced Mod Status for special players. These players should be able to fix the mistakes and recalculate the scoreboard too. It still happens too often that players are not on the board because of problems with the time or they are not checking the correctness of their stats before the deadline. I am honest to say that after almost 2 years I need some more free time and splitting some duties would not such a bad idea at all.


We hope our event function will be launched soon to help you with the First Saturdays. It works but it is still not released and can only be created by an admin. Whoever would like to use it, can send us message.

World Cup Champions

Now let´s have a look at our winning team from Russia. Former NWBT ,now Green Alert and NEW WAVE_Enlightened, finally received the trophy in Moscow and I am happy to present you with some pictures.

Thanks to the team and we hope you had the great party the pics tell us.

We wish all of you happy holidays and a good start into the new year, whenever it will start in your calendar. :-)


EisFrei and durschdti