Hello EBL Players,

late but not too late, I give you the report on Season 22.

Division Recursion and Playoffs

Green Alert seems to be unstoppable and wins both events. SDHD and Green Devils take second and third seat in the Playoffs.

Final Game of the Playoffs

Award for winning the Playoffs

Final Score of Season 22

Award for winning the Season

The whole team of Green Alert will receive this EBL Season Championship badge.

The new championship ranking looks like this.

Season Championship

  • SDHD 13 titles
  • Green Alert 3 titel (kept the position of NWBT)
  • Rep├║blica Separatista 2 titles
  • Angry Frogs 1 title
  • Phoenixmasonry 1 title
  • NWBT 1 title (split up in New Wave Enlightened and Green Alert)

Playoff Championships

  • SDHD 7 titles
  • Hypnosapos 3 titles
  • NWBT 3 titles (split up in New Wave Enlightened and Green Alert)
  • Green Alert 3 titel (kept the position of NWBT)
  • Angry Frogs 2 titles
  • Rep├║blica Separatista 2 titles
  • IENS 1 title

Team Green Alert will be awarded with the Triple Badges for winning the season for the third time and as well as the playoffs.

Season Triple - Owner is part of a team which won the season 3 times in Recursion.
Triple - Owner is part of a team which won the playoff final 3 times. 

Division Interitus

Team EnlCat - Brigadas Internacionales is Victorious and will advance to Recursion and catch a save spot for the playoffs.

Division Helios

Team NEW WAVE_Enlightened shows how it is done and takes the win in Helios.

All Star Game

All players received their All Star Badge and Agent inzhenegr was the best player of the game and earned himself the MVP badge.

The best of the best of the best - You have been the best player of the All Star Game.
Being a Cosmic Toad
Being a Space Frog

Current Playoff Picture

EBL Darsana Event

The best players in fielding, links created, mods deployed, AP, destroying enemy links and fields, portals neutralized, portals captured will receive this badge.

Agent ruflen and inzhenegr shared the win in all stats on the second Darsana Anomaly weekend.

New Stuff

  • Check out all agents and compare them in our Calculator which you can find in the menu Agents.
  • Now we can award the whole team with almost one click which helps us a lot at the end of a season.

Upcoming Events

Eastern Special

Starting on the 04/19/2019 the top 10 players of the user daily scoreboard in mods deployed, resos deployed and portals discovered for hiding and in resos destroyed and portals captured for finding will receive the Easter Frog badge. The event will end on the 04/22/2019


EBL Spartakiade

In May we will have the Spartakiade again. Try to compete against all players in different competitions and earn your medal. Try to win with your team and earn your trophy.

Trophies are already ordered.


EisFrei and durschdti