Hello EBL Teams,

today we send you our last update in 2016. At least in Germany. Some countries have different new year festivals but we stick to the Gregorian Calander in the EBL. :-)


EisFrei gave us a new overview. If you ever asked yourself how the points are regulated and why you didn´t get some, now you can check on every game day of the season. Go to your Division and click on Division Stats Scoreboard. Here you can check who did best through the season.

For Example:



Well well, we all have to get used to write 2017 in the next weeks. Today it is cold at my place but ice skating and playing hockey are still far away from being done this winter. Let´s hope the climate won´t stay like this even if my girlfriend has a different opinion. :-)

Let´s hope we get all the stuff done I mentioned in the last news, https://erleuchte.de/ebl-news-12-21-2016/.

We hope you stick to our project and perhaps we already solved some problems of finding contact persons in different countries. The main goal of the EBL is to connect players. Check out who is playing great and making much AP, be more sure to contact that person than a low AP gaining player. Even if you get redirected to an operator who is doing the planning but you found somebody for the first contact and this was always a problem on global scale.

We wish you a happy and wonderful 2017

Stay save, don´t burn done your house with fireworks, dont´t drink to much, the season ends on the 1st this time, you have to make some points to get a first row seat in the playoffs and we hope you get things done which make you happy.


EisFrei and durschdti