Hello EBL Teams,

let me tell you what we work on for 2017.

Plans for 2017

  • User identity
  • User can set her/his timezone
  • User can set her/his region, Europe, Asia, etc
  • Teammod can set his hometown for the team capital
  • More statistics
  • best all time player or team who set record, e.g. most AP in 24h, most titel wins, etc.
  • team interface will show stats between team members, so team intern games can be made by the teams who was best in XXX in the month
  • User/Team region will be used for editional championships, best of Asia, best of Europe, best of South America, world cup between the continental teams
  • Upload
  • by setting your timezone we will fix the problem we have at the moment, at least we hope that. :-) But we have a plan B if it doesn´t. :-)
  • Interface
  • implement the logo on the website
  • official open interface for blue players or any other person. So everybody can follow their favorite team or player even he isn´t playing ingress or joined the EBL. perhaps a fantasy league could be created. :-) Every sportswebsite has that. :-)
  • Games interface will get a better time, the ending date will be shown
  • a designation will be added to the games, quarter final, wild card, final and semi final, friendship game. So you can see what is coming up on you.
  • Notification
  • players will be informed by the EBL bot if a game is coming up
  • better notification about the upload

We hope this will settle your excitement for the upcoming holidays and will keep you informed as you much as you like. All the upgrades take time and more important changes which come up in between will be

We wish you great holidays if they are on your scedual. Enjoy the time with your beloved family and friends.


EisFrei and durschdti