Hello EBL Teams,

the first Semi Final has ended and this is the score.

12th December 2016 20:00– 13th December 20:00 SDHD – GreenBerlin 6244448:2979080

Running Semi Finals The Fabulious 4

13th December 2016 20:00– 14th December 20:00 NinjaFrogs - Frogswat HL

Upcoming Final

17th December 2016 20:00– 18th December 20:00 SDHD - XXXX


Players in Teams: Good news for all. Now we can create games with every player of the team. EisFrei fixed it and now we can select everys player of the team.

Season Two Time Window: The points in the division are given by the scoreboard. We make a change because of the monthly points. The next season will start on the 2nd of January. That should fix the bug that the leading teams have the monthly points in their stats. We don´t what to change it at this point of the season two but the second season will end on the 1st of January. We hope it solves the Problem.

Team Administration: Mods can kick players from their team now.

Notification: All players who left and Telegram ID at the registration can receive a broadcast by the EBL bot system. I hope the test worked out and you received the link to the news. Players who didn´t leave a TG ID can´t add it at the moment. We will at this to your personal settings soon.


EisFrei and durschdti