Hello EBL Teams,

the third Quater Final has ended and this is the score.

7th December 2016 20:00– 8th December 20:00 ==SDHD – SL8K 3367416:216678==

The forth and last Quarter Final just started.

8th December 2016 20:00– 9th December 20:00 ==NinjaFrogs – Dresden==

Upcoming Semi Finals

12th December 2016 20:00– 13th December 20:00 ==SDHD - GreenBerlin==

13th December 2016 20:00– 14th December 20:00 ==XXXXXX - Frogswat HL==

I am excited who will join The Fabulious 4.


For those who have a 3D Printer. Get your Key Chain. :-)


For the Shirt Logo I would need help from somebody who can handle Coral or any similar tool. I created the logos already and brought them to a print shop. I payed 8 Euros to render my faults but they won´t give me the file back because they made changes. So I would like to send the file to somebody who can do the same and publish the data for open use, so everybody can make his own shirt at his store and not shipping everything from a store out of Germany to the world. That makes no sence to do so. So just send me a TG message.


EisFrei and durschdti