Hello EBL Teams,

the second Wild Card game has been played.

4th December 2016 20:00– 5th December 20:00 ==Dresden – Aachen 521964:38173==

Dresden will advance to the Quarter Finals and completes them now.

First Quarter Final has already started.

5th December 2016 20:00– 6th December 20:00 ==GreenBerlin – Enlightened_PT==

Upcoming Quarter Finals

6th December 2016 20:00– 7th December 20:00 Hafnia – Frogswat HL
7th December 2016 20:00– 8th December 20:00 SDHD – SL8K
8th December 2016 20:00– 9th December 20:00 NinjaFrogs – Dresden



In Season you have to upload in the time window between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. CET. The TG Bot reminds you, that only one hour is left to upload in the cycle. So take the time when the TG Bot tells you to upload and calculate from there. Minus 8 hours to open the window and 1 hour till end. We have to set a deadline to get the winner of the day. In season it is important to upload in the time window with a screenshot which was taken in it too.


In the Playoffs the screenshot is more important. You take a screenshot and the .png you create has a time stamp. This timestamp has to be in the time window. This is the way the EBL works. Having the data from your screenshot is "more" important than the upload itself. We have a button to recalculate the stats any time. At the moment I check all game stats by hand to find wrong stats and mistakes. If this system works it will be automated. So make the screenshot in the 10 minute time window and upload even later. Doesn´t count for the season if you didn´t upload before 8 p.m. CET. So make it twice if you are worried to miss one. 5 minutes before the time and 5 minutes afer. In this time you have to take the screenshot. Why such a short time window? So no team has an advantage to the other one. At one point we have to say STOP and we give you a short amount of time to do so until we say, We don´t accept this stat because of unfair gameplay to the other team.



EisFrei and durchdti