Hello EBL Teams,

the teams for the Playoffs have been determined.

Rank/ Team/ Score

  1.              SDHD            234 (Season Winner)
  2.              NinjaFrogs      224
  3.              GreenBerlin     215
  4.              Enlightened_PT  188
  5.              Hafnia          166
  6.              Frogswat HL     163
  7.              Brunswick Lions 158
  8.              Dresden         163
  9.              Aachen          106
  10.             SL8K            103

The first 4 games of the Playoffs have been established.

Wild Card

A: 3rd Dezember 2016 20:00– 4th Dezember 20:00 ==Brunswick Lions – SL8K==

B: 4th Dezember 2016 20:00– 5th Dezember 20:00 ==Dresden – Aachen==

Quater Finals

5th Dezember 2016 20:00– 6th Dezember 20:00 ==GreenBerlin – Enlightened_PT==

6th Dezember 2016 20:00– 7th Dezember 20:00 ==Hafnia – Frogswat HL==

7th Dezember 2016 20:00– 8th Dezember 20:00 ==SDHD – Wild Card A==

8th Dezember 2016 20:00– 9th Dezember 20:00 ==NinjaFrogs – Wild Card B==

Check out the link and you will see the upcoming games.


At all the teammembers, please upload between 19:55 , 7.55 p.m. and 20:05 , 8.05 p.m. on that day. We want to try it this way first to keep the timewindow as small as possible. If this won´t work out well we will increase the window to 2 hours but we are still in Beta and da everything for testing.

Sharing is Caring

I know some of you have been moved in a different division while the season was moving on and I it is a European playoff party. On the one hand I was checking the scoreboard and was up to take the best 10 Teams from there BUT the scoreboard doesn´t work as good as I need it to be because of the false uploads. The only option to have a clean statistik which couldn´t have been manipulated by the system is the season scoreboard. Looking on all the uploads which have been counted sepretly is more secure. On the other hand, I am a bit happy to have only European teams so we can check the playoff system in 2 timezones only. Enlightened_PT is the only team in a different timezone. They are 1 hour behind and have to make the upload at 19:00 which is 7 p.m. because GreenBerlin has *Home advantage because of the better result. I am also excited for today's upload if the new season will be created and if the best teams will advance to the next division.

If there are any question don´t mind writing us on TG.


Eisfrei and durschdti