Hello EBL Teams,

today is the day. The last upload for the month and we are so excied to watch the system work out. Let me tell you what should happen.

Rise and Fall

Teams on top of the divisions should advance to the higher division. Teams who didnt make a good position should descend instead.

The Divisions

As you can see, the divisions have a ranking number. Number 1 is the highest and at the moment number 10 is the lowest. We try to stick to the Ingress anomalies and with every new one the divisons get more. If we getting more teams registered we will increase the amount of teams in a divisons until a new anomaly will start. At the moment we have the following divisions.

1 Recursion
2 Interitus
3 Helios
4 Darsana
5 Shōnin
6 Persepolis
7 Abaddon
8 Obsidian
9 Aegis Nova
10 Via Lux
11 Via Noir
12 Wild-Card

Via Lux has 2 teams at the moment and the rest has 10. Via Noir and the "Wild-Card" division are blank and ready to get filled with teams.


We are happy about every hint you give us about things which don´t work. For example, a Player is uploading his stats in the right time window and his stats are looking fine but he isn´t shown on the scoreboard. We are investigating this case. Update if you have yellow highlighted stats in your upload, even the AP are green, your stats will be ignored for the day. Be sure about this project that we need your help and we are on to every issue as soon as possible. We won´t start a real season until the big bugs aren´t solved but we play as it is a real season and hopefully you too.

Faction Change and Non Uploaders

Yesterday some players have been reported as faction change players. Those will be flagged and pt into quarantine and will be no longer able to participate in the league. Like I said before, we don´t want to misstrust those players but the system isn´t ready and tested for both sides and we would like to solve problems on the green side in first place. We are sorry about those who left us but we hope you enjoyed the time on our side. User who don´t upload will be kicked as well even if they uploaded once or less than we expect. The EBL doesn´t want to have second accounts, bots or any other fake stuff in it´s system. We hope you share our opinion to keep the game clean and fair.

The New Stuff

Today is the last day of the cycle and rising and falling is not everything what will happen. The Winner of Recursion will be called Season Champion but not Champion of the World, we still think about a name which sound better and is more related to the game :-). How will that work?


On the first a new season will start as usual and will end on the following. This cycle will stay.


To put some prasure on the teams who did best in the season they have to play a tournament while the next season is moving on. So other teams can become champion much more likely because they don´t have the double trouble. :-) Last night I thought about this way and how to deal with it. At this stage I would like to call the 10 best teams of all divisions to ralley for the cup. The Season Champion will get an advantage because he won the best league and had the most trouble to get there. The second best team will also get a smaller advantage and the rest has to start from the bottom. The tournament will look like this.


The Playoffs Games

Every game will be playedby itself and on one day. We look at the teams where their home is and 8 p.m. in the timezone in the middle will be called as start and finish for the upload. The upload window is different now. 5 Minutes before and 5 minutes after 8 p.m. are the secure messurement. So you only have a 10 minutes time window to upload. The games will be played on diffenet days to create a tension. In the end 10 Games have to be played but not in 10 days. We want a fair competition and give every team at least 4 days of reloading their items. It will look like this.

1st day: checking on teams and creating playoffs
2nd day: checking on teams and creating playoffs
3rd day: 8th vs. 9th
4th day: 7th vs. 10th
5th day: 5th vs. 6th
6th day: 3rd vs. 4th
7th day: 1st vs. WCA
8th day: 2nd vs. WCB
9th day: recreation
10th day: recreation
11th day: recreation
12th day: Semi Final A
13th day: Semi Final B
14th day: recreation
15th day: recreation
16th day: recreation
17th day: Final

After 17 days, more than half a month, the champion will be crowned and because every team that advances has to set their focus on the playoffs, makes it more likely becoming a different team the new season champion.

We hope you like the idea. At the moment we have to do everything by hand because we test this new way. If it achieves the purpose I will ask EisFrei to create an automatation.

That´s all for today. I hope you enjoyed the news and will have a good night, rest of the day or even a good start into it. Yesterday we had the first snow in Germany at my place. We are excited to see the championship being manipulated by the weather. That cheat is allowed, so think about to mix your teammates from all over the world to have a better advantage because of the weather conditions.


Eisfrei and durschdti