Hello EBL Teams,

we hope you enjoyed our idea for the last 2 weeks. Many of you gave us nice feedbacks and hints to improve and make things better. We are greatful for your help.

We almost have 800 accepted users and about 60 in registration process. We never thought that we would get so many players in such a short amount of time. So again, thanks to all of you.


EisFrei fixed some bugs. The upload will be more accurate. He improved the counting and removed the designation of the teams to the divisions in Teams.
I by myself tried to visualize the teams and the affiliation to the division on the map but we came to the point where EisFrei and I had to decide how the EBL will turn out to be. So i will change it back.

Now I explain the Options we have to choose from:

Option 1

Half a year ago we decided to focus on a season model because we wanted to take it like a soccer league where good teams play in the top league and lower teams have to fight to get there. Teams would rise and fall from their league. That is a good simple mode if you don´t have so much teams because our first idea was to spread it in Germany only. Now we dont have 20 teams, but we have 92 teams and if we want to make every month a season it would take a year for a team to rise from the lowest league to the top league. That would be a challange but we think many of you would start to be disappointed because they missed to rise again by one single point and would lose interest in the game.


  • This way is easy to use
  • EisFrei made it already work.
  • Opportunity to mix up the league every month
  • All teams could compete against each other


  • This mode can be used by a model of less than 30 teams.
  • A team can easier lose its motivation if only 3 or 5 teams can rise and fall each month.
  • It would take more than a year to reach the top league.

Option 2

I asked EisFrei if he could implement a board where we can create games. You can see the result in Games. At the moment only an admin can set such a game between 2 teams. Why? We had a look at the American model of how to create a league. You place the teams in divisions where they stay for the rest of their life. The winners of the division will advance to the playoffs to challange each other until they reach the final and we know who won the championship. As a result, we can set a game every day at every time of the day to let teams compete against each other. E.g. if a team from Australia would play a team from Europe, we would look at the timezone differnce and would place the upload time right between them. In the games where you don´t have a time window of 9 to 24 hours, you have 5 minutes to upload before and after the deadline of your stats and the admins have to check on them manually. Using this way, we can make sure nobody made mistakes and we double check on it. Yesterday, team Mumbai wrote, whether they can start a game between Bangalore and Mumbai. I hope it will work out great. If any other team is looking forward to challange a team from any part of the world, just let me know, I will set the game.


  • Every team has a monthly chance to get into the playoffs and become champion.
  • Teams have to reinforce themselves to develope (more players would join the EBL)


  • All teams would stick to the same division and would play the same teams every month.
  • If strong teams establish in the divisions - the weaker teams would never get a chance to become divison champion.

Option 3

Let us bring all the advantages of option 1 and 2 together. We create a league with divsions in which teams will rise and fall. That means, every new anomalie would give us a new lower division to add. The winner of Recursion will be called "Season Champion". All divison champions will compete against each other in a tournament for the Champion of the Champions and would rise to the next divison as the next best 3 or 4 teams as well. The badly scored 4 or 5 teams would fall. So we get a league where the best teams will rise into the highest division but the lower teams still have the chance to become champion. Looking even further, we make the teams to fall from the top leagues. We create different achievements/badges for winning each divison. If every team wants to win, they have to loose at some point. If low teams don´t want to stay in their division they can merge with other teams to become stronger and with this we get a step closer what the EBL is for - to mix up the communities and to break the ice between all players.

As you can see, we still work on the methods of the league. I don´t want to throw EisFrei’s work away but use it instead. At the moment we want to test the games. On the one hand, we know that it works. But is it easy enough to understand? If that is OK, we can make sure that option 2 and 3 could work. Please tell us if you want to participate in a game and we will create one for you. Later, we could give you the rights to create a friendship game by yourself and only the admins can create a playoff game, or even better the website by itself.

Greetings from Germany

EisFrei and durschdti