Hello players,

3 years of EBL.world and we want to thank you for playing in the toughest league based on augmented reality gameplay.

All players in an active team did receive this badge. If you don't have a team but you keep playing, don't mind to tell us and we will hand you the badge.

EBL World Cup 2019

World Cup Summary

Group Round

Let's take a look back at the World Cup. We begin with the group round.

Many teams showed their skills right from the start.









Aegis Nova

Sudden Death Phase

Round 1:

Semi Final:


It was a great tournament of all teams and Green Alert could have been taken out of the tournament in the first game of the sudden death because of the low score but I think it was calculated and energy was saved for games yet to come.

The trophy will be brought to Kaliningrad by Agent Crytix who is also a member of Green Alert and happens to live next door in Dresden. Pics of the handover will follow.

Greetings to all of you

EisFrei and durschdti