Hello players,

sorry about the delay but I needed support for my writing. I had to do it without the help of the winning team to surprise them. I hope they like it. :-)

EBL World Cup 2018

Russian Intro

Поздравляем с победой чемпионата мира. Не смотря на снегопад и мороз каманда НВБТ одержала великолепнуюпобеду.

"Без труда не вытащиш рыбку из пруда".

Кубок отправят как договаривались в москву. Где его возможно выставят в кремле на всеобщее обозрение. Мы желаем вам дальнейшей удачи и благодарим вас за ваше усилие в борьбе за победу.

For all none Russian speakers: "We are proud of the team NWBT and their intense gameplay for becoming world champion. The did great and showed their passion for the game."

For all Russian speakers; I hope my cousin and her husband did it right. Thank you for your support. Love you guys. :-)

World Cup Summary

Group Round

Let us have a look back at the World Cup. We begin with the group round.

Many teams showed their class right from the start.









Aegis Nova

Sudden Death Phase

The first round started with some surprises and kicked already good teams out of the tournament.

In the Semi Finals our 3 teams battle began and looked in the final three teams to battle for the trophy.

In the end the team NWBT from Kaliningrad, Moskau and Yekaterinburg showed the full strength of their team and took the win in a typical cold and snowing victory. :-)

The Trophy

The trophy will be send to Moscow where it will be placed in the Kremlin because of high security standards and will surely attract more people than the mausoleum of Lenin. :-)

World Cup Epilogue

It has been a great tournament and all teams did a great job. Some teams made a great impression and many players had a lot of fun.

We hope to continue this story next year. Until then we seek to fix our system for the Ingress update to Prime.

Currently we are experiencing some issues with the upload and the season is manipulated by these problems. We decided to skip this season to December because of the problems. We will continue after the major problems have been solved and the upload can be done by all players again.

We want to thank you all that you stick with us and we are happy about the work by Niantic to keep an upload possible. This keeps us alive. Thanks you.

Greetings to all of you

EisFrei and durschdti