Hello EBL Teams and players.

Yes this time I wrote players too because I just found out that we have 677 User without a team. Some players who even made the All Star Game have no team. Check out each other or search for free agents to complete your squad in https://ebl.world/users.

Ok, after we got this done let us start with the news.


Team Cosamic Toads won this one and catches up to a Space Frog lead of 6:5 wins.


Best player and already the owner of the MVP Badge is NikoolioD.



Season 11 has started and the fight is already on. Good luck to all of you.


12 Teams go in and only one will become Champion. Don´t forget to download the ical for the game.


If you have any suggestions you can visit https://comm.ebl.world/category/17/suggestions-requests and leave a note what doesn´t work or what you would like to see.


Oh, I almost forgot.

Thanks to all who met us in Berlin. You gave us so much positive feedback. Sorry for so less time. I hope we all will meet each other again.

EisFrei and I met us for a second time in our life as well. This pic is for you all. Thanks for your support!!!


This is all for today. Have fun and stay save.


EisFrei and durschdti