Hello EBL Teams,

the first week of the season is over and we made a lot of new friends. Today we're going to tell you a little bit more about the project and how we want to get things rolling. :-)

First: The name of the league. EBL Enlightened Bundesliga = Enlightened National League

Because we have no borders on our (Intel) map we are one nation. :-)

With every community you're going to try to connect, mistrust is the enemy number one. There was no global scoring system, easy and open for all. A lot of people wanted such a thing but nobody actually tried to implement it (yet). EisFrei and I now want to embark on this adventure and with your help we can do it. What do we offer in exchange for your trust?

What we have

The TG Bot: @EnLigaBot is our bot to get you connected with our website. Please type /start and hit the link, on this way you can reach the website for registration and after it. The upload for android will be managed with it too as you can read in https://liga.erleuchte.de/help.

The Team: Ingress is teamplay and you can create or join a team. You can upload a team logo and if you are a regional team, we can place you on a global map.

The Divisions: As this site is Ingress based, we decided to use anomaly names for the divisions. At the moment we have 11 divisions and one wild card division. Those divisions are managed automatically by our system, which currently is in continuous improvement to make sure that only teams with similar skills are facing each other.

The Scoreboard: The Scoreboard shows you the total of all single players and teams for the day, week and month. It also shows a countdown to the next ideal time window for uploading. If the row is highlighted in green the upload window is open. The Telegram bot can send you reminder notifications which can be activated in the bot's settings. One hour before deadline it tells you to upload your stats. The later the better but don´t miss the deadline. If you miss to upload your stats you will miss two days and the points. Weekly and monthly points are calculated by finding the maximum AP difference between Sundays and the first day of a month respectively.

The Season: In the first phase of a season the teams compete against their division rivals based on each team's average daily, weekly and monthly AP gain. Agents not playing in said phases won't be taken into account.

The Play Offs: After the season the division champions will play until 2 teams are left. At the end of this month you will see how we do that.

What we are working on

We don't have a member limit for teams yet, but will most likely settle on the best 8 players of a team who will count for the score, as 8 is Ingress' magic number ;)

If all teams had a member count of 60 players we could scale it up. We could say, 20 will count but until than we always have to balance for the lowest team size. We calculated with one month of playing for the division championship. We are watching your teams and how they develop. At the moment if you have a team of 16 players, you could play like this: 8 players play for one day, next day they farm and the other 8 players play. So you can rotate the team and you don´t have to play every day for the whole month. You can go to grandma's birthday or to your own wedding. :-) If one month will be too much, we could fix that as well but it won´t be like that every month and we want to create a good and fair competition. The daily winner gets points, the weekly winner gets point and the monthly winner will get points. We still try to level everything out. The current beta season shall show us if the system and points work.

Badges or Achievements: The winner of the division and the winner of the season will get an achievement in their team. This is still under construction. Other achievements are also under construction, for single users and the teams.


  • Join the Pond - First Upload to the EBL (singleplayer)
  • Tryout - Play a whole Season (singleplayer)
  • The Walking Dead - The Team walked XXXX km (multiplayer - only achievable if you are in a team)

Translation: We are looking for users who can help us to translate our website into their native language. You could help us bring the EBL to users who don´t understand English well enough. If you like to help, please contact us.

Stats highlighted in red: We have implemented a new filter to highlight stats that most likely had a recognition error. Please, never trust the upload system at this point. Always check on the AP number which TG is sending you back or have a look at your upload under "Stats" where you can view and edit them. We are still working on fixes for different locales. Sometimes numbers look like 49´656´569, some like 49.656.569 or even 49 656 569. Please, always check your upload like it is shown in this video: https://youtu.be/49XwARGfG_A?list=PL7INbcqinm3TblX2UCqQexLXAKAQloSGl

Multi-Accounting and bans: We do not tolerate cheating in any way. We primarily do this so enlightened agents from all over the world can compare themselves with others and hopefully make some friends along the way, but if you disrupt this experience, you are out.

  • Do not create multiple EBL accounts
  • Do not use multiple Ingress accounts
  • Do not win trade
  • Do not falsify your stats
  • Do not be rude

We really like to tell you more but bear with us, we still have stuff to fix and to see how you adapt to our changes. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you find any errors or if you have ideas how to improve the site.

We hope you like the idea of the EBL so far - and hopefully you also use it as a platform to find new contacts. Have a look at the map, get in touch with other teams. Get mixed up. Find trust in each other and especially: Find some friends.


EisFrei and durschdti