Good morning, hello and good evening #EBL Teams,

since China joined our adventure, the world map is shown in full size on the website. South Africa joined too and is the first country of Africa. Only Australia and New Zealand are missing to complete every Continent registered.

Thanks too all of you who joined the channel to log in. Thanks for asking how to do things and reporting bugs which we have to fix. It is still a test and we hope you like what you can do at the moment.

Yesterday we worked on 127 registrations and we have a total of 77 teams in the world. Today we will put the new teams on the map.

+Martin Freisen, our magic developer, implemented "Season" and "Divisions" which now can be checked out by you. I think you get a hint of it where we are going.

To the registration, we check if the account is a bot and if it is green. Because there are no double accounts allowed, are there, we can put trust in you and let you in. If you are from the different team, just follow me and I inform you what we up to. Personaly we wouldn´t have any problems to join up with you but there is no solution for the win trading problem. We only want to handle it on our side and our system should perish that little problem.

If you log in for the first time, please check out the help at first sight to get a hang of the upload.

You can create teams at the registration or later. So you dont have to do it at registration. Perhaps a friend of yours already did and he lets you join. But never leave a Team if you are not sure to join a different one. If no player is in the team so is no mod and we have to give you back your rights. :-)

The "Free Agents" without a team can play single mode or ask a team from around the globe to join them. You will understand it later that it will be important to have some back up players. Mix your teams, get to know each other, break some barriers. Even they speak a different language. At the moment my best tool is Google Translator and I think team IluminadosVenezuela laught at lot when I tried to speak spanish. We had a lot of fun yesterday but I will probably never play Ping Pong again in my life. You will understand if you get your registration. We managed to semi automate the registration but it is important to us to be your first contact. So you get to know us and we chat a little bit. It is more personal but if the whole world want to log in, you have to understand that we can´t handle that by being personal.

So please make your uploads and see what happends, report problems and we see what we can do. Please always check on your uploads because we have to read it out of your screenshot and sometimes 6 and 8 are a bit of troubling the system, depending on the cellphone. We want the system to be clear from the start and you are helping us to get there.

Stay safe, always look up while crossing the street and be aware of lanterns, those damn things are always there where you didnt expect them. :-)