Hello EBL Teams,

yesterday, the semi finals came to an end and the results of AP were awesome.


These results lead to an South American dominated Final.
Will Angry Frogs keep the big trophy in Europe or will it be shipped to South America? Hypnosapos made it pretty clear who is the one team to beat in the next week. República Separatista has to organize themselve if they want to be ahead in the final game of the EBL World Cup.


At least I can put 2 trophies in one package and ship them to my contact in South America but which 2 trophies will that be?

We wish all teams the best weather and the best conditions for the final game. Thanks to all other players too. You give us so much back with your effort. This way we know our work is important to many people around the globe.

Research and Progress

We are still in beta testing even if it feels pretty open already. We look at the gameplay and take our experience from it. Season and a global World Cup seem to work fine as we advance day by day. With the system EisFrei has developed, we can provide many great things but we still have challenges to work on to make more progress to become an Ingress gaming website.

At the moment, only one player can be in one team which is a good thing for the season but if we think about anomalies it is a different thing. Wouldn´t it be create if the team, which organizes an anomaly, could create teams in the EBL and use us as a website to meassure which team or player did best and award them shortly after the anomaly is over?

Wouldn´t it be also great if your city could use our website to create a city flip tournament and do the awarding as well? Uploading badges created by you and provide them to the players who visited your place would be a big advantage to summon more players for your project.

A topic which is all around since yesterdays 15 Million win, a Hall of Fame. Who uploaded the most AP in Season in a game? Which team did best? Which team has the most championships and won the world cup the most times?

The current record for uploading the most AP in a single game is kept by two players.


These are thoughts we cary in our heart but time is short and EisFrei is just a human and has a regular life but he is doing his best and is motivated because of all of you. :-)

Oh and by the way, EisFrei changed the login view. Now your friends who don´t play Ingress can watch the score and can see how your team is doing. This way they will understand why you spent all night not hanging out with them or why you can´t show up at a meeting. :-)


Enjoy yourself whereever you are at the moment. Thanks for all your support and it is so much fun to read the channels when people from around the world talk in one language and have fun. You girls and guys are great!


EisFrei and durschdti