Hello Enlightened players all around the world.

G+ is in danger and you don´t want to switch to the next social network?

  • the EBL offers you a league based plattform
  • special events and badges
  • create your own events using our plattform
  • Telegram based communication around the world
  • staying in contact with a lot of brilliant Enlightened players
  • we think about establishing a contributer status in our blog for those who would like to write about their Ingress stories but we still have to think everything through because of content reasons
  • no fake news (only for Resistance players)
  • no other topics than EBL and Ingress
  • more time to play and for private life
  • partnerships with other Ingress based projects

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EBL World Cup

This years World Cup is amazing and all teams have performed beyond their limits. Group round and quarter finals are finished. Check out the results and the upcoming semi finals.

Quarter Finals Results


EisFrei and durschdti