Hello players,

we hope you are all fine and ready to fight for the World Cup.

Today's Topics

  • World Cup Picks with AgentAcademy on twitch.tv
  • Questions about the World Cup
  • Group Events
  • 3 years of EBL development in a time lapse

World Cup Picks

Yesterday we picked the teams for the divisional round. Have a look and enjoy the show. Big Thanks to AgentAcademy for the oppertunity to present ourself and our project on their plattform. We hope we can keep working together.

Live-Video von AgentAcademy auf www.twitch.tv ansehen



All players who register on their website can receive a badge for watching this episode. Badge and Code AAEBL2018AA

If you watched the video, you can come up to @durschdti and he will send you also a link for your EBL badge vault.

Open Questions

Q: When will the World Cup start?

A: First Upload can be done on the 1st of October. Set your reminder in https://ebl.world/settings to the earliest possible time. Make a screenshoot after it told you to send a screenshot. Send it to the system.

Q: Why does it show the 2nd October as starting date?

A: The system will start counting on the 2nd but to have a count, you have to send a stat on the 1st to create a difference for the calculation.

Q: How does the divisional round count?

A: Like in the regular season, you upload each day and the best teams will achieve points. Daily first: 5 points Daily second: 2 points Daily third: 1 point. At the end of the days, the two teams with the most points will advance.

Q: What is next?

A: 1st seated team will play against a 2nd ranked team of a different division in the quarter finals. The winners of the game will play in the semi finals and later in the final game.

Q: Did we think about the Anomaly on the 20th of October?

A: Yes we did and we changed the time table even though we are not happy to place the games in the middle of the week. However, the final game will be on a weekend again.

Info: Don´t forget to join World Cup MVP group to find out who will be the best player of the tournament. Rules: Player with the most APs and also playing in the final game with her/his team.

We hope you that everything will be clear. If you have any further question, don´t hesitate to contact us. Don´t forget to watch the video to get to know our faces in case you want to receive the "Met an admin" badge. :-)

Group Event

Last weekend, we tested a new kind of way how to play the game. Let's call it the party mode.

Check out the links.

Google+ Report

EBL Event Group

It is possible now to invite players of other teams to join your event and you can set the time, the date and the stat you like to find the winner in your event.

At the moment only EisFrei and I can create it but you can invite and set the requirement to win.

The creator of the event did send us the badge to award it to all the players who took part in the event. (see the badge down below)

Write us if you would like to create your own event.

EBL Developement Time Lapse


EisFrei and durschdti