Hello EBL Teams,

how are you doing? It has been a while. Enlightened is leading the Anomaly. I hope it is because of our hard practice and pushing you to the best. :-)

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As always, a big thanks to misterioso71 who spent a lot of time on it and from the depth of my heart Thanks.
I will send you a gift which could be mentioned in the blog. :-)

Season 10


All teams are on the scoreboard. Could the last days of the season bring some more changes or will República Separatista claim their first season overall victory?



Sofia Hot Frogs are still unstopable. After crushung the Helios League, they continue to reach for the title in Interitus.



In Heloise, Team Sudestada reaching for their first title and will rise to Interitus next season.



The Semi Finals showed which team wanted it most and 3 great teams will advance to the Final


The Final has been delayed to the 2nd and 3rd of September because of the Anomaly last weekend in Szczecin.

All Star Game

The All Star Game will also be delayed because the Final took the spot on the time table.

Next Season

Upcoming Off Season will be a relaxing time for some players and teams before we will move on to the World Cup.

During the first 3 weeks in the Off Season, the best team of each week will be rewarded with the badge Multilayer Madness. The team with the most Fields in each week, will earn this badge.


World Cup

Since our system has proven greatly reliable, we have to make one final test. Will it survive the World Cup and will it prove that our work is based on a good foundation? We shall see.

I just met a player who has a laser printer and asked him if we could print a trophy with it. I am on it and I hope we will create a nice one for the World Cup. I ordered some key chain badges in order to have a closer look at them and to see if the work is EBL proof. :-)



EisFrei and durschdti