The Programmer
by Edgar "durschdti" Poe

Once upon a midnight scripting,
all the bad mistakes are fixing.
Is he sitting at his desk,
working problems off his chest.
The moon is shining through the wind door,
lighting him to see some more.

Music is playing from his list,
finding tracks which are myths.
Listening something that will rock,
checking mails from his box.
Streaming on his monitor
he is missing nothing more.

Chewing pizza which is old,
tastes the best when it´s cold.
Chips with salt and Doctor Pepper,
makes him type even better.
Thinking of the work before,
he is shaking even more.

Four shall not count,
don´t stop at two,
three is the right amount,
and five gives no clue.
Some Pythons have written it before,
the manual is important and nothing more.

The keys and fingers burning hot,
the script to release which is not,
EisFrei sweating under pressure,
instead of enjoying earned leisure.
What teams devided years before,
will a group reunite now even more.

The devil sitting on his shoulders,
tries to put in his way some boulders.
Offering him wine and beer,
Enlightenment saves him from his fear.
Refreshing the browser by the law,
kills the deamons Resistance - evermore.

A player is single and a squad is tall,
a team is bigger but a group has them all.
Invite your friends of other teams,
create an event of your dreams.
If you want one just give us a call,
you want to live without it Nevermore.

Hello community, I hope you like the poem. Like the original character in it, it almost drove me crazy. My son was hitting some buttons and my first version was deleted without being saved. I still cry about it because it was great. Though it tought me to let go and do it all over again, some parts came out even better.


What is a Group?

  • it is single player only
  • ask an admin to create a group for you
  • share your invite link with your friends
  • a group can invite players of all teams without forcing to leave them
  • a player can join as many groups as he likes
  • only the players you invited will be presented
  • check on different times and dates which the scoreboard can´t provide
  • e.g. annual city flip, fielding competition, create a Copa America, a European League, Champions of the EBL

Our group will be used to determine the best player of the World Cup. The player with the most AP in the entire tournament and playing in the final game will become World Cup MVP.



EisFrei and durschdti