Hello EBL players,

after 2 weeks of holidays and getting cooked instead of sun burned, we finally have another news edition for all of you.

Last Season Update

Season winner and defending champion is SDHD again. They made the double to win both playoffs and season. Congrats from us to you and now you earned yourself the one dozen season champion badge.


In conclusion, we have a Hall of Fame scoreboard looking like this. (Until we have a real Hall of Fame, I have to write here to keep me reminded how the standings look like. :-) )

Season Championship

  • SDHD 12 titels
  • República Separatista 2 titels
  • Angry Frogs 1 titel
  • Phoenixmasonry 1 titel

Playoff Championships

  • SDHD 6 titels
  • Hypnosapos 3 titels
  • Angry Frogs 2 titels
  • NWBT 2 titels
  • República Separatista 2 titels
  • IENS 1 titel

Current Playoff Picture


Have a beer

Yesterday, I walked into a food store after my first football game of the new season. Since we won 2:1, after falling behind 0:1 after 10 minutes, I thought about having a winning beer and saw this.


OK, it is green and so it got me hooked. :-)
Quickly, I went to https://deinbecks.de/ and thought about a design to upload.
These are some pics I sent. Perhaps we will be lucky and you can have our logo on a beer. :-)



World Cup Trophy

If you had thought I would enjoy my holidays without doing something for the EBL, you were wrong. Since it is a hobby and I use it to improve myself in any direction, I am trying to build the world cup on my own. This is how it looks like.




Now I only need to order the silicon, the resin and the clay to make a lighter and more robust version out of it.

World Cup Qualification and Selection


In https://ebl.world/seasons/24 you can see the days in which your team has the chance to qualify for the World Cup. The weekly scoreboard at the end of the week will give us an overview which teams will make it into the Final World Cup round. The best 36 teams are the most we will accept. If we won´t have 36, we will fix the divisions to fit the count.


Thanks to Agent GoonieGuy, we have a chance to broadcast the selection on the https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ after the qualification. EisFrei and I are still thinking about how we can present it to you but GoonieGuy has had a great idea. He has this spinning wheel which he will try to look like 9 fields with our logo on it. This way we will cut the final scoreboard into 9 teams each and will place the first nine teams in the 9 divisions and the next 9 teams and so on.
It is still an idea but we hope we will make it this way and we are honored to have such a big support of the agentacademypodcast team. EisFrei and I will try to be guests in this event. We will also try to speak good English which you should be able understand even with our German accent. :-)

Checking your Stats

Please be reminded to check your stats if you have trouble not being in the scoreboard. Special events appearing in your agent profile and disappearing after the event can screw up the system. Then it is all about finding missing stats which aren´t at the right place for the OCR. Speaking of the OCR, an update is in discussion and we hope to solve many problems you still experience. We already thank those players who will solve this problem and everyone of you will be mentioned by name when it is done.


EisFrei and durschdti