Hello EBL Players,

25 years in sports feel like a long road left behind. Nowadays everything is getting faster and work-life-game balance is taking up to a new high. Today a worker is more productive than people years before and it is the same with sports. We don't need to meet anymore on a field somewhere on planet Earth, planet Earth has become our playground and we can compete wherever wireless network supports us. 25 season, 2 World Cups, 2 Spartakiades and only some months of taking a little break. We haven't become a big company creating a tournament and a trophy worth a million Euro. We rather have become a bunch of people sharing something they love all around the world. It is called friends. None of us has met one another before, knows the guys playing on the other side of the world and has probably never heard about their names. We don't need a travel agency to find a good spot to be or to sleep. We look up our intel and ask people, which we are lucky to know, where to find a place to place a bag whilst running around outside.

25 seasons, none of us would have thought this project would last this long and be so successful. EisFrei and durschdti want to say thank you to all of you for supporting us and sticking to our league. It is a plasure to read your chats every day knowing you keep up fighting in this touchscreen tournament.

Division Recursion and Playoffs

King Riñon Verde is dead , long live King Green Alert. Riñon Verde and SDHD claim the second and third place.

Final Game of the Playoffs

Award for winning the Playoffs

The whole team of Green Alert will receive the Kings of Pool badge.

Final Score of Season 25

Award for winning the Season

The whole team of Green Alert will receive this EBL Season Championship badge.

The new championship ranking looks like this:

Season Championship

  • SDHD 13 titles
  • Green Alert 6 titles (kept the position of NWBT)
  • República Separatista 2 titles
  • Angry Frogs 1 title
  • Phoenixmasonry 1 title
  • NWBT 1 title (split up in New Wave Enlightened and Green Alert)

Playoff Championships

  • SDHD 7 titles
  • Green Alert 4 titles (kept the position of NWBT)
  • Hypnosapos 3 titles
  • NWBT 3 titles (split up in New Wave Enlightened and Green Alert)
  • Angry Frogs 2 titles
  • República Separatista 2 titles
  • IENS 1 title
  • EnlCat - Brigadas Internacionales 1 title
  • Riñon Verde 1 title

Division Interitus

Team Green Devils is Victorious and will advance to Recursion and catch a save spot for the playoffs.

Division Helios

Team Pick'o Skina Crew shows how it is done and takes the win in Helios.

Scoreboard Champions

Green Alert earned the most APs with their best 8 players on the monthly scoreboard.

Being part of the best team in the monthly scoreboard

Crush them all

CrashUA rocked the month and earned again this badge.

Owner accomplished the most AP in the monthly scoreboard

All Star Game

All players will receive their All Star Badge when the game starts. The game will start on the 2nd of August.

The best of the best of the best - You have been the best player of the All Star Game.

All Star MVP

ruflen became the best of the best of the best

Being a Cosmic Toad
Being a Space Frog

Upcoming Event in September

3rd EBL World Cup Qualification

We plan to come up with a second edition of Agent Academy EBL World Cup Division Placement

Upcoming Event in October

3rd EBL World Cup

Anniversary Badge Season 25

Every player participating in the 25th season will receive this badge

Playoff Picture Season 26

Perhaps some of you ask yourself why it looks like this because we had two teams in Recursion sharing rank no. 7. Instead of 3 teams, 4 teams had to fall to Interitus. The rule says, no team which is falling from Recursion to Interitus will participate in the following Playoffs. The 6th rank of Interitus, team Elbflorenz, will fill up the 12 teams this time.


EisFrei and durschdti