Hello EBL Teams,

I really don´t know where to start today. So many thing have happened. Ok, let us stick to the timeline.

July 28th

Playoffs Final


New Wave – SDHD 3,447,388 : 6,829,894

República Separatista – New Wave 12,420,500 : 3,447,388

SDHD – República Separatista 6,829,894 : 12,420,500

Congratulations to the EBL Champions

República Separatista


If you like to read more and your Spanish is good, you can check out the report from agent abstractpainter.


July 29th


This day was a blast. At 5.02 p.m. agent misterioso71 wrote me a TG message which was the start of a new EBL gameplay.

I will try to build an android app to make it easier to upload the stats. Is that ok ?

Hi, how are you? Sounds great. How about an app which cannot only support the upload but even the login and an app view of website?

My idea is to embed a web browser window inside the app

Agent misterioso71 has already changed the app from just managing the upload to be almost a full replacement for a webbrowser and Telegram. The upload seems to work better too.

The latest version is avaible in https://liga.erleuchte.de/help.

He earned himself the Master of the EBL badge for supporting and developing the EBL.


Now the only bad news is, it is Android only.

I will try to place the download on our website or perhaps share the link with you in case it can be in the playstore but until then we will share it with you on TG.

July 31th


Again we did it and this time South America was a big support. More than 100 players joined this month. We are heading towards 2000. Great and big thanks to teams like Sofia Hot Frogs, Sudestada Mendoza which joined us lately.


August 1st

Final Day of Season 9

Today is the final day and I hope all of you are trying their best to achieve some points to stay in the division or advancing to the next.


Team Phoenixmasonry will be the Season Champion and I already assigned the Trophy Badge to all the players of this team.




Team The Battletoads will receive the trophy for winning division Interitus.


Team Krümmelfrösche Chemnitz will also advance to Recursion but which will be the third team to rise for glory? Team Malle or Dresden?



Will team Sofia Hot Frogs rush towards Recursion or will Interitus slow them down in the new season? Welcome to the second highest division.


Third place is also at stake for Aachen and ZA_L33TS.


I know I forgot the other divisions but the season isn´t over yet and we will have full results later this day or tomorrow in case you live ahead of my time zone.


EisFrei and durschdti