Hello EBL Teams,

how are you? I hope you are all fine and enjoing the summer holidays or like me, enjoying the silence at work. :-) Ok, not quite true but a little bit less than usual.

Beta EBL Season Nine


Team Phoenixmasonry is running ahead with a big gap and is having one hand on the season trophy already. Will anyone catch them within the next week or do they already have the new badge in their profile safe and sound?



Team "The Battletoads" former known as "Kaliningrad Battletoads" rocked the second league and will advance to Recursion without any problem and will also join the playoffs in the next season.

Krümmelfrösche Chemnitz and Dresden are in for the battle for second place but watch out team Malle is still in the hunt. All three of them will be also in the upcoming playoffs for the next season.



The new team from Sofia, Bulgaria Team Hot Frogs crushed league three and will advance to Interitus without any problems.

I think I have to create a new badge for the winner and league three since more teams play active in there.

Team Rohan could be back in league two. Aachen and South African team ZA_L33TS are still fighting for the ticket for Interitus.


Zero Points Problem

As you can see, many teams have zero points, not because they don´t play but because other teams are just better. Because of this reason, I asked EisFrei to give points to the best 7 teams daily or weekly or monthly. We will see if he can manage to solve this problem but it could take a while because we still have summer and programmers need the vitamin D for the long winter nights in front of a pc. :-) In special cases I will have to play wild card games if more than three teams are equal to nothing.

Different Score

As you can see the score changed a bit. We have a recalculation button of the whole season. From time to time I have to use this button because scoreboards had to be fixed. I try to use this button not that often but at the end of the season I have to. The best team has to win and not the team which made the most mistakes within their uploads.


Semi Finals

SDHD – Brunswick Lions 5,021,185 : 1,149,545

Phoenixmasonry – República Separatista 4,837,811 : 5,932,806

Angry Frogs – New Wave 3,680,356 : 5,198,629

Total AP Count Semi Finals

25.820.332 AP

Great Job all teams!!! More than a quarter of a billion in three days. Amazing!!

Upcoming Final

July 27, 2017 11:00 AM CET– July 28, 2017 8:00 PM CET

SDHD – New Wave

República Separatista – SDHD

New Wave – República Separatista

I hope I won´t miss to send you all a message when the game starts. Reminder The first upload has to have a screenshot of the stats after the first reminder, 11:00 a.m. CET, otherwise it will not count because the starting points will be missing and there will be no final score for the game.

All Star Game

August 2, 2017 11:00 AM CET – August 3, 2017 8:00 PM CET

I totaly forgot to invite the players for the all star game. I think I already managed the badges but didn´t invite the players to the TG group.

This is the line up for the game. Some of you I cannot invite into the group because we haven´t been in contact yet. So please write me. I am getting blocked contacting new user via TG because somehow I have been writing to too many people in the last couple of months. :-)

Some of you haven´t put their TG ID in their profile, I hope you will be informed this way.


World Cup

I made up my mind how to create a World Cup. This is how we will manage it.

We have a great system which EisFrei created and gives me all we need. We use a mix of season and games.


Only teams which are listed in the monthly scoreboard of Season 11 will receive an invite to the World Cup. If you want to participate, please register at liga.erleuchte.de until the 15th of September. I will try to handle every registration but I will not put myself into a situation I cannot fix at the start of the World Cup. After registration, send a screenshot with your teammates. Upload a second screenshot until the 1st of October for another daily scoreboard. This way you register your team as you are shown in the monthly scoreboard.



Group Round

I created a "season"


In this specific "season", l I will use the divisions for the group round. I will mix the teams from the monthly scoreboard into the divisions as needed.

October will start on a Sunday so I cannot use the 1st of October to start the World Cup. It will start on the 2nd until Saturday the 7th.

Quarter Finals

The best two teams of each divison will advance to a quarter final game. The quarter finals will take place in week two.

Semi Finals

The winner of each game will fight in week three in the semi finals.


The final game will take place in week four and will have 3 or 4 teams.


The mod of the World Champion team will receive this little trophy.



We have

players and we keep growing almost 100 users per month.

I hope we will hit the 2000 within this year and 2018 on January the 1st 2018 would be sooooo cool. :-)

Special Thanks

Since some weeks my brother is rewriting my newsletter because he has a Master of Arts in English. So thank you very much terp79!!!

That is it for today.

Stay safe and have fun.


EisFrei and durschdti