Helle EBL Teams,

welcome to Beta Season 9.


ALL Star Game


We are changing the ALL Star Game to be played after a season because of the automated calculation. We have to place each player into the ALL Star Team because of the one player one team rule. The game is also an indicator for us if the new updates are working. As you can see in the result of the game, the change from average AP to sum AP has worked and the new season as well as the upcomming playoff games will be played accordingly.


Congrats to team

Cosmic Toads


The upcoming ALL Star Game will be played on the 4th of August and these are the players who have earned their place in the teams. All of them will be invited to take part and have already received their achievement in their stats.


Season 8

Congrats to team SDHD who won the Season Championship in the division Recursion.


Congrats to team República Separatista who won the Championship in the division Interitus.


Best player of the month is carpediem1160.


Best team of the month is Phoenixmasonry


All badges should already be in the players stats if I haven´t forgot someone. :-)

Teams which earned badges in the past should check their stats too. I managed to find some time to add the badges to all of you. The only badge that most of you are missing is the Join the Pond badge which we will bring to you with via import. It is too much clicking for a single person to add the badge to all active players.

We hope you all have a great month and we are looking forward to the next Champion in the according categories.



We chose a different way to select the teams for the playoffs. We won´t pick the best 12 teams of the scoreboard anymore. The best 7 teams of Recursion and the best 5 teams of Interitus will be picked for the playoffs. Why? It is easier to pick teams from the league because we know they didn´t only upload for the monthly scoreboard. We like to reward the teams which fought a whole month very well.



Due to the switch to the new calculation, the scoreboard of Recusion has become corrupted. The change in the calculation led to the result that the points switched teams and changed the pick. You have to trust us that the selected teams for the playoffs are the right ones.

Playoffs World Map

After 9 months of developing and promoting our league, we can proudly say "We did it". We created a tournament which is global. If we break it down by countries, it looks like this:

Angry Frogs, Germany

Brunswick Lions, Germany

Frogswat HL, Germany


New Wave, Russia

Ninja Frogs, Austria

Normandy, France

Paradiesfrösche, Germany

Phoenixmasonry, Taiwan/China (hope nobody will be angry so I wrote both versions)

República Separatista, Argentina

SDHD, Austria

Swat GL, Mexico



EisFrei and durschdti