Hello EBL Teams,

another great month has ended and another season is about to start.

31 active teams and 321 active players made the monthly scoreboard. I know that doesn´t sound much but we had 50 more registrations last season and hit the number of 2.300 registered green accounts.

In comparision

  • the NBA has 505 active players and only 30 teams
  • the NFL has 32 teams which are allowed to have a roster of 53 players which could make a total of 1.696 players in the league
  • the Bundesliga, highest licened football league in Germany, has a total of 511 licened players and only 18 teams
  • and since we are a global league we should compare ourself with big global events and which could fit better than the FIFA Football World Cup with it´s 32 teams each having 23 players which makes a total of 1.024 player

I like mathematics and agree on the term:"Numbers don't lie", but as a sports athlete I have to add the pure will and strength of a human person which can double or even triple the numbers of a single person. This is why we don´t need millions of users, we want to present a tough and exhausting experience to you and not just the 5 minutes fun while you are on a break. Only the best are willing to go so far and all of the athletes in the EBL show us we aren´t wrong.

We have been lucky so many times in our position as admins to chat with the players and see how much they are into the league. If you look at the results of the games, nobody would have ever expected players will make one million AP almost on a regular basis and topping it in big games with more than four to almost ten million APs.

Thank you all for achieving this with us.

OK, enough of emotions. Let´s talk EBL.

Season 16 Review

Season Champions

SDHD achieved their 11th Season titel.



  • República Separatista 2 titels
  • Angry Frogs 1 titel
  • Phoenixmasonry 1 titel
  • One season all division had been equal because of the testing of a different system.

If SDHD will win one more season, they will be the first team to achieve the Season Douzaine badge

Playoffs Champions

SDHD also achieved their 5th Playoff titel
It seems SDHD is more of a long term team and can be beaten in a game rather than in the season but hey are still a top team for the upcoming World Cup.

In the hunt

  • Hypnosapos 3 titels
  • Angry Frogs 2 titels
  • NWBT 2 titels
  • República Separatista 2 titels
  • IENS 1 titel


  • Season One didn´t have Playoff Games

Best Team of the Month

SDHD takes it all

Best Player of the Month

BodhiDeluX showed his quality in the final game and took home the monthly scoreboard win.

Interitus Winner

Team Elbflorenz makes a big comeback in the middle of the season and takes over the divions within one week. Great effort of this team. Good luck in Recursion and the playoffs.

Helios Winner

Team Silesia ENL almost makes a perfect season. Only one weekly was given away to another team. Great gameplay by this team and we hope to see more of it in Interitus.



ALL Star Game

The regular season ending is coming up and all 32 players have already been assigned to the teams. Have fun and may the best player become the best of the best of the best.


Playoff Picture

Another season, another playoff tree. The following 12 teams of the last season will hit the extra road for the championship title.


Have a great season


EisFrei and durschdti