Hello EBL Teams,

what a day and what a final game. Our three teams gave their best but only one team could have been crowned.

EBL Playoff Champions


Congratulations to SDHD who haven't wonvfor a long time. Many players of this team received their Kings of The Pool badge.

Also República Separatista and NWBT received their badges and can be proud of their second and third place.

The upcoming World Cup in October will favour these three team like the others for becoming champions. We are all excited about the outcome.


Speaking of teams with World Champion potential.

A newly founded team hit the daily scoreboards with a stabil and regular high position. These rookies will attack in the next season and are eager to make their way right to the top of the league. Which team will be the first to show these youngsters who the big frog of this pond is?



EisFrei and durschdti