Hello EBL Teams,

even though EisFrei is doing the programming, I feel little helpful in the development process. Nevertheless, I have different qualities. Since I have summer break from soccer, for only one week, I have decided to use the time to be creative.

I got back to the CAD board and tried to create new EBL stuff. Since I plan a big World Cup for all the teams, I knew what to do. We need a trophy.

My first few scetches looked like a regular trophy. Then I tried to combine Ingress elements, like Resonators, with it but it didn´t look so well.

I took a 180 and looked at the stuff I had already created for the EBL. It is always better to stick to a theme that is already established and known by the players.

I started a circle like in the EBL Logo and went on elevating the sketch.

In the end, I sticked to the buttons I had already created, reuse the data I already have and combine everything.

The first print of the "Tower" took 12.5h. The base 6.5h and the button in the middle 1h.

I only used colors which represent the EBL. BLACK, WHITE and GREEN

First attempt

I would have loved to present you a trophy which could be 20cm tall but it would have taken 21 days to print only the main part. After 3 hours I stopped the print and scaled it down.


Second attempt

I scaled the trophy down by half and it would be 10cm tall in the end. The result was good but still there was something missing and the base didn´t look like EBL

Third attempt

All good things are three. (German expression)
Now I took my key badge as a template with its front and back side. The base should look like its back and the front should be integrated in the upper part.

Key Badge

This way the base became a circle again.


And the result looked pretty nice in the end. Ok it is smaller than I would have loved it to be but I created the template and perhaps I will find a company which can print me one of them in a good size. :-) I replaced the symbol at the bottom of the badge with a crown to show it belongs to the Kings of the EBL.


Oh and if you wonder why I printed it in black and white although I said our colours include green, let me enlighten you.

I went into the basement for the last picture this morning. I finished the print at 7:40 a.m. and the sun already rose up and not a dark spot couldn't be found in the apartment. I went down to the basement and closed the door to take the picture but another resident wanted to get into the basement, opened the door and looked at me like, "What the hell?". :-)


World Cup

Since we have a trophy to play for, I can say, yes we will have a World Cup. :-)

All teams of the EBL will be invited to take part in the tournament to play for this trophy.

The tournament will take a whole month and there will be no season games during this event and it will look like this.


If more teams will join us, I will adapt the plan for tournament accordingly.

The event will take place in October due to our first anniversary. Be invited and Join the Pond in the EBL.

Register your team on https://liga.erleuchte.de/ and check out the rules on https://liga.erleuchte.de/rules. The document EBL Explained document under Additional Informations will help you understand how our league works.


EisFrei and durschdti