Hello EBL Teams,

it has been a pretty tough weekend for the EBL Team. Why?

Last week EisFrei wrote me a message that he is coming to town the following weekend and perhaps we can meet to have 3 to 7 beers. It was set. We would finally have our first meeting in person and perhaps a beer or two.

On Friday evening, I stepped through the door of "Café Europa" and we had a nice warm hug of friendship. I met his girlfriend and her brother. We had a lot of things to talk about. Telling each other what we do, how we are and what we plan in the future with our private life.

In the end, it was a great night. I kept my promise and payed his beers because of what he accomplished so far.

The future of the EBL is renewed and established on a great night and some beers. We really like each other and he invited my girlfriend and me to his place and we want to continue with this project.

Playoffs Final

For the first time in EBL history, we have a global final. A non European team is in the final and for the first time we will have 3 teams competing for the championship.


Brunswick Lions (Germany)

República Separatista (Argentina)

SDHD (Austria)

We wish luck to all of you and hope the best team will win.

Don´t forget: Final starts in less than 2 hours.

Next Season

The AP of the, up to 8, best players will be added up in all games and, of course, during the whole season.


We hope you like them and we are working to bring them to your profile because not all of you have them yet.


Selected players who use Agentstats are testing a new tool which EisFrei created yesterday. A group in Agentstats is connected to the EBL and syncs every hour at xx:59 with our system. We test this new tool and will keep those informed who prefer to upload to Agentstats than us.


EisFrei and durschdti