Hello EBL Teams,

I hope the Football World Cup doesn´t take away your game time too much. :-)

Since every tournament in the world has it´s nice and cool looking playoff tree, we try to illustrate one for you as well. This is the pre-release footage because the CSS code still has trouble with changing window sizes.

This is the current playoff picture.


And this is how it looks in the end when a team wins.


Also some players have been uncomftable with their stats. EisFrei fixed the interface and the handling. We hope you will like it.


We hope you enjoy this season because some teams have stuck up their teammates and try to become more competetive. In the last 2 days at least 10 players have joined the EBL and we are happy to have you in our league.

Your EBL Spartakiade medals will be send after I finished laser cutting. All singleplayers medal winners will also receive one of those wooden badges. So don´t worry I didn´t forget about you. :-)



EisFrei and durschdti