Hello EBL Teams,

this time, I don´t know where to start with the news. EisFrei pushed the keyboard buttons to the limit and created a new add on which will make you all cheer.

But games first... :-)

Quarter Finals

Dresden – IENS 129,888 : 361,337

ZA_L33TS – Brunswick Lions 33,181 : 212,078

Phoenixmasonry – Angry Frogs 767,650 : 300,928

República Separatista – Malle (MD-HAL) 1,065,034 : 199,718

Kaliningrad Battletoads – New Wave 116,247 : ==

SDHD – Paradiesfrösche 824,385 : 302,496

Upcoming Semi Finals

Phoenixmasonry – República Separatista 0 : 0

IENS – Brunswick Lions 0 : 0

New Wave – SDHD 0 : 0


Give your Team a Slogan

Ok let's start with the smaller update to keep the best for the end of the news. :-)

From now on, your team mods can create a slogan in your team view to show players what your team is about and what a hell of mixed up group you are.


Now fasten your seat belts, you are getting blown away. Get your kids into safty and have a quick drink before reading the next update. :-)


Finaly, EisFrei has given us a a tool to reward everyone's effort and everyone can take part in it.
At the moment, only we, the admins, can create them and reward you but if EisFrei has more time, we can move on. You should be able to create your own tournaments, public or private. Invite special players or teams for you private party or just create a tournament which has your name and your uploaded badge in it. You can create a party mode for anomalies to invite the registered players and know at the end of the day who did best and hand this person a drink right away. :-) Communites can create small private partys to see who destroyed the most in a week and who walked the furthest next week and earning your selfmade badge or community logo. Invite players from all around the world to take part even if they are at the other end of the world.

We only have to work out how to fix the time problem because an anomaly in Japan won´t end at 8 p.m. CET but I believe in EisFrei's magic abilities.

The Badges King of the Frog Pool, Cosmic Toad and Space Frog will be given to the members of the team who won the playoffs and if you are selected to an ALL Star Team.

If you you love to draw and paint, you are invited to send your pics for some badges. We still need some. Everyone is waiting for the pink unicorn. :-)

Badge Ideas

  • Agent/Team of the Day winner of the daily scoreboard singleplayer/team

  • Agent/Team of the week winner of the weekly scoreboard singleplayer/team

  • Agent/Team of the month winner of the monthly scoreboard singleplayer/team

  • Special Badge: Frog Party All Teammates uploaded the same AP

  • Jackpot 1.000.000 AP in one Day

  • Fabulous 4 reach the quarter finals

  • The Walking Dead team walked 1000km in one month

  • Rock Bottom upload only 38AP

and many more ideas.



EisFrei and durschdti