Hello EBL Teams,

I hope you didn´t miss the last upload to start the new season.

We are on web with our project since 7 seasons and we are so happy to have 1404 registered user. The first million is always the hardest. :-) We hope you like the changes we already made and we keep on developing. EisFrei gave me developer rights and I will do my best to learn, adapt and support him as much as I can. I am not a good programmer but I am a quick learner.

Season 7

Today I will set the new games for the new playoffs which will be different again. Only the best teams of the divisions will play and we will have a final game with 3 teams.

All Star Game

Since 16 vs 16 players are invited to play a 8 vs 8 game we didn´t have problems to have enough players who had time. Shame on me, I shouldn´t have chosen a german holiday where most of the men get drunk but many of the players did the best they could and everyone had fun because of the posts in the TG groups.


Season 8


Even my fruit at home is excited what will happen in the upcoming season.
https://liga.erleuchte.de/seasons/8 is already created and 65 teams will play in this season. EisFrei will change the scoring system so we can play again in a league mode instead of a tournament mode.

Rules and Changes


  • The best 7 teams of a day, week or month will receive point and not the best 3 anymore.
  • Average scoring for all teams
  • we want small teams to start playing the league to get to know the basics and have fun scoring points
  • the score of the top players from to 2 to 8 will be counted together and will be divided by the amount of players


  • the best 3 teams of a division will advance to the higher division
  • the worst 3 teams of a division will fall to the lower division
  • Season Champion will be the winner of the Recursion division
  • top 12 teams will play in the next playoffs

Games and Playoffs

  • games in the playoffs will also have the same scoring and will run full automated by the daily score after we created the games
  • the daily/game will start on the first reminder in your settings, 11 a.m. CET
  • the daily/game will end 59 minutes and 59 seconds after the last reminder in your setting, 8 p.m. CET

French Language Pack

  • @aakao is working currently on the language pack in french which we will bring to live when all words are translated

If your language is still missing just contact us

Other Changes

I don´t know how much time EisFrei will have but I hope he will accomplish as much as possible of the main changes. The other changes I will explain in a future newsletter.

  • Badges
  • button to switch faster between divions
  • and more


EisFrei and durschdti