Hello EBL Players,

Season 16 is about to start. We hope you all relaxed a bit.


To Do´s

  1. Because of new regulations we still have to create General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which we will inform you as soon as possible as we created them. Until than we thank you to trust us with your data which we only use for the login and to send you a broadcast if you selected the option in https://ebl.world/settings.
  2. Writing all winners, second places and third places of the Spartakiade
  3. Create a new World Cup Trophy which will be even bigger and better than the last one.

We plan and hope Ingress 1.x will be still avaible until November and keep developing our system at least until the World Cup.

Don´t miss the Start of the new season, https://ebl.world/seasons. It will be a hot summer for the northern hemisphere. Don´t forget to drink and don´t overheat your scanner. Girls and boys of the southern hemisphere, a green link will always guide you through the long, cold and dark night. :-)


EisFrei and durschdti