For Sparta!!!

and welcome EBL teams.

Grab your shields, charge your cellphones and line up in a phalanx because on the 7th of May our Spartakiade will start and you and your team have the chance to show the world who is the best in each category.



  • All games will last for 33 hours

  • No player has to leave their team

  • Upload only at the START and the END and not twice a day

  • Most Points sent to System (Bold Words)
    First Reminder/Start -------------Last Reminder--1hour--Deadline-------------First Reminder/Start ------------Last Reminder--1hour--Upload--Deadline
    User Daily Points (Bold Words)
    If you send your stats twice befor the deadline the system will compare Upload1 and Upload2 and not Start and Upload2
    First Reminder/Start -------------Last Reminder--1hour--Upload1--Deadline-------------First Reminder/Start ------------Last Reminder--1hour--Upload2--Deadline

  • The system will always take the first and the last upload. However, if you upload just before the deadline in between it will take that stat and replace it as first stat

  • In singleplayer competition the player has to decide which game he wants to go the maximum time to achieve the most points

  • In multiplayer we recommand to split the team into 2x8 teams at least. Team A starts competition A and team B starts competiotion B. A will start game C after finishing A.


Check out the start and goal of the game in and each player will be compared to other ones. The best 3 players will be awarded with medals and badges in their EBL profile.


Check out the start and goal of the game in and each team will be compared to others. The best 3 teams in total will be awarded with trophies and badges in their EBL profile.

The scoreboard system is based on a 33 hours cycle because of the world timezones. It would be unfair for a player out of Asia to start and end in the middle of the night while Europe has the prime time. Only by creating a game between teams we can create a game result besides the scoreboard but that would mean all of the players have to leave and join the teams after each game and this would be even more complicated.

Thanks for your understanding. We have to tell this because we want to inform everyone about the calculation and donĀ“t want somebody to tell us he/she is missing points in a fair competition.


EisFrei and durschdti