Hello EBL Teams,

Season Six just finished yesterday. The all new Season Champion with 6 straight titles is SDHD

Season Six Champions


No other team made so many points. The next best team has 224 points and is called the Angry Frogs.

What is Season Seven all about?


As I already mentioned in the 04/14/2017 news we will play in tournament mode. Since more teams joined our league we can provide a bigger tournament.

In https://liga.erleuchte.de/games you can find your game day. Use the ical button to download the date into your calender. A special event will occur on the 13th. The best player of the daily scoreboard will be awarded.

The best 8 players will count in each game.


Beta Season Seven

We still have two seats left which can be taken in the next 3 hours.


Finding your team

If you haven´t found the right team just visit the Players Booth and get in touch with players from around the world.


Teamleaders please contact @durschdti to be invited into the Owners Lounge if you haven´t until now.

Good Luck

The EBL Team thanks for your support and wishes all teams good luck on their championship road. Stay save and keep your neighborhood green.


EisFrei and durschdti