Hello EBL Teams,

Beta Season Six is almost over and before this is happening, we will have our monthly All Star Game on the 25th of this month. All players already have been invited to the teams. As usual, the best 8 players will be compared. Last month, we had some trouble getting 8 players who had time playing on this special day. We have changed our strategy and invited more than 16 players and thus doubled the invitation list. Now the 32 best players of the previous season, 16 on each side, will battle to show why they are the best.



Since many players do not play in the same timezone, the 19 o`clock CET upload is a bit of a trouble. We know what to change but, unfortunately, we have some technical problems to implement the improvements. In the future, we will base the game on the daily score but until then we have to stick to this system. Let´s make it easy. If you and your team have a game upload as your reminder tells you, I check every upload by myself. As long as you do not over extend the 24 hours game period and finish before 7 p.m. CET, this is the last reminder in your settings, everything will be just fine. The daily scoreboard will solve this problem in the future but EisFrei has a broken modem at the moment and is waiting for the new one from his provider. He told me today that he has made developements for bringing Badges to life. I am very excited to have a glimpse on this work.

"May"ham special

No person can achieve everything by himself/herself but together you can do it. Since I announced to print a shirt for the best player on my upcoming birthday, I found help in South Africa. This artwork is still under construction but is on its best way to be the future symbol for special events. **Special thanks to Agent Sigyn @AltarielValice for supporting us. Ok, after it has been drawn I need somebody to covert it in printable data format.


Weekend recruitment

This last weekend we had a big recruitment wave like 6 months ago. 200 players joined our EBL within 3 days. I think all of Taiwan joined us. Within 3 days Phoenixmasonry became the leading team by having the largest amount of team members - 48 players. Mexico joined with 3 teams and Swat GDL has become the team furthest west. República Separatista from Argentinia joined us with 14 players. Smaller teams like ENL GARUDA from Indonesia with only one player have been registered as well. Just check out the map on https://liga.erleuchte.de/teams if you haven´t found a team yet.

TG Channels

We have learned from the past that the EBL is not self explaining. Unfortunatly this blog is not as much of a help as we would have liked. This is why we change things. We created some TG channels to get you guys together. I am not big fan of TG channels but we have to use this kind of communication to keep you informed.

The Welcome Channel

This channel should be known by almost everybody. You can join this channel with your registration.


The Players Booth

Every accepted member of the EBL can join this channel. You will find the link to this channel in https://liga.erleuchte.de/help. Get to know each other. If you haven´t found a team just ask somebody if you can support and join them. Get mixed. Only teams with at least 4 players will be accepted for season game play


The Owners Lounge

In this channel every moderator of the team will be invited to spread our information to you in your language in this channel. They also can ask us your questions or even schedule games between two teams. We want to make it easier for the teams to communicate and get to know each other.


Thanks for all your support.


Eisfrei and durschdti