Hello EBL Teams,

yesterday has been a nice day. I agree the weather wasn´t the best but the final game of the playoffs has been played and both teams did a great job even it has snowed and it was freezing.


Playoff Final

SDHD did it again. In a close fight with only 600.000 AP difference the Angry Frogs lost the final game of the Playoffs but the best MVP was one of them, @Tinitus69.

SDHD can add a new golden pile to their logo. I like the idea. Every golden leave stands for the Season Championship and every dog pile is the win of a Playoffs Championship


Growing Community

Yesterday was also a great day for the EBL. A week ago I gave a small interview to Agent @GigaThunder about our project because she would like to write about it in her Telegram Blog https://t.me/IUENG. Yesterday she posted:

WorldCompetitions #NotOfficial

The Res and Enl players, waiting between official niantic events, created two competition (one only for res, one only for enl) to have fun. We remember you that these are not official events so no medals in game are involved. Here a little description of them:


Enlightened BundesLiga ( #EBL ) is a competition between ENL agents all around the world. It takes place every month (for example start at the 2st of July and end at the 1st of August), it is based on the profile stats and you can decide to take part of the group or the individual challenge. Individual players can only compare them against all other players on a scoreboard but the main focus is based on the teams. In the teams daily, weekly and monthly can be compared and used for inner community competitions.

==You can join here: @EnLigaBot send /start
Complete information here: https://erleuchte.de/ebl-beta-season-iv/ ==


Smurf the Earth is a global competition open to all RES Ingress players. Agents compete in many different categories to see who comes out on top. The competition takes place in the 1st and 3rd week of May 2017, so you have two opportunities to do your best. Stats are recorded via “The Grid” which is a res only stats tool.

==You can join here: https://the-grid.org
Complete information here: https://www.smurftheearth.com/ ==

As you can see we hit the headlines. In the last 10 hours we had 60 new registrations from around the world. Players from Mexico, Taiwan, Argentinia and Belgium joined our league and founded new teams. Thx for joining our project.

Our registration is open again. Please have some patience because we have to check on your account if it is green. We can´t accept blue accounts because of win trading otherwise we give all the information to everyone what we do because this is not a hidden project to build fields, at least not yet :-), it is more a better way to motivate players and to bring you closer together by knowing you have friends around the world.

Please read first the EBL explained


One Year EBL

Since one year EisFrei and I are building this project and we never thought we could come this fare. Thanks to all testers from the start who helped us develope this website and a special thanks from me to EisFrei, I couldn´t have come this fare without you. I had a great idea how to celebrate this. :-)
A few days ago I watched a TV show with my girlfriend. People made some cake with "Fondant". I thought to myself you have to try this how it works. My girlfriend gave her niece a call who did that before and made an appointment. Thank you Mandy for the help and creating the best looking cake ever. Thanks to all players for joining our project. We hope we will have much more fun in the future.




EisFrei and durschdti