Happy Eastern EBL Teams and readers,

yesterday I checked on the EBL and i had had to laugh. IENS had a great idea. They changed their Team pic to challange SDHD even more and today we will see if those mind games worked in their favor to qualify for the final.



even on Eastern people play Ingress and most of them have great ideas to relate the game with the holidays.

This field art was created by Redlexx and haesleinhuepf. haesleinhuepf has the perfect name for eastern and this pic. It means bunny hop.



I still work on how to create the playoffs in the best way. In the first way we used the ranking system of Europe and the playoff system of America. This time we use the divisional system of amercia and the tournament system from around the world. I would love to use the ranking system but at the moment it doesn´t work for 10 teams in a division because only 3 out of 10 teams can make points a day. So I made the divions smaller so only 4 or 5 teams play for the daily. weekly and monthly points and the teams will stay closer together. This makes it more interesting until the end of the month but we will change it as soon as possible even if it could take a bit because of personal affairs which are still number one in life.

The only thing i can do at the moment is to plan how we keep going and yesterday i draw it on paper and created the games in the games menu. Next season it will work out better and I will fix the Abbadon and Wild Card game problem. I will put 5 teams in one divsions or if we have 32 teams, we will create a new division. 32 divided by 2 works best for the tournament I have in mind.



This weeks logins for the top 10 countries.


Nothing left to tell but Angry Frogs, IENS, Ninja Frogs and SDHD I wish you all the best results in the Playoffs and stay safe as the rest of you brave teams in the EBL.


EisFrei and durschdti