Hello EBL Teams,

the quarter finals are over and 4 teams are heading into the semi finals.
All four teams already played in a semi final and some want to have the championship for the first time-

Semi Final One

IENS - Defending Champion vs. SDHD - Last Season Finalist

Semi Final Two

Angry Frogs vs. Ninja Frogs

Good luck teams to become EBL Champions.

Let us check on the quarter finals to see who brings the best numbers on the board.





Further West

In the last days our range expanded further west on the global map. Omaha Nebraska is the hometown of the Omaha Owls which just joined our league. Thanks for joining us and we hope you have fub.


Summary for Beta Season Six

  • 30 Teams are playing a new mode (if 2 more team would apply I would be happy, 32 is better for the tournament)
  • 4-5 teams in a division
  • all divsions are equal
  • Winner of the divison will play second of a different divison in the first round of the next month tournament
  • season champion is the best team of all divisions, if it is tied the better team in the scoreboard will win
  • this month will be played the old playoff way
  • in May the tournament will be played
  • 16 Teams will advance to the tournament, the 2 best 3rd best teams of all division will advance too unless we wil have 32 teams
  • best 8 players will count in a game of the tournament for each team
  • All Star Game will have 32 members, best 8 players will be compared


EisFrei and durschdti