Hello EBL Teams,

team EKB_New Wave contacted me because they did want to play the next game but against such a strong team like SDHD they thought it feels a bit unfair to play 11 with only 4 players.
I explained we tryed our best to level the games. On the one hand we try to grow and get as many members into your teams as possible on the other hand we try to scale the games so not every big team wins every match but even big teams loose easily if they don´t have such a portal density as small teams. Just check out the new rules at the bottom. To have 8 players in a team shouldn´t be so hard but if you disagree just take a look at the User Scoreboard and ask players who are having a good AP score to join your team. Let us get mixed up. :-)

What they did was brillant and that is what the EBL should be about. They contacted a member of SDHD and asked if only the best 4 players of their team could count. SDHD agreed and informed me to make it like this in the next game.

That´s what the EBL is about, talk to each other, get in contact. We want to give you a platform of getting in contact, break up boardes of countries and language. The world has no boardes in our game and we shouldn´t keep them in our head. :-)

Playoffs Season Five

Wild-Card Game One


Wild-Card Game Two


First Quarter Final


Ingress Special Event

Every community can take part in the global mission creation. Agent @AltarielValice from team ZA_L33TS created the artwork of the heart which can now be captured for your scanner if you join the event.

Summary for Beta Season Six

  • 29 Teams are playing a new mode (if 3 more team would apply I would be happy, 32 is better for the tournament)
  • 4-5 teams in a division
  • all divsions are equal
  • Winner of the divison will play second of a different divison in the first round of the next month tournament
  • season champion is the best team of all divisions, if it is tied the better team in the scoreboard will win
  • this month will be played the old playoff way
  • in May the tournament will be played
  • 16 Teams will advance to the tournament, the 2 best 3rd best teams of all division will advance too unless we wil have 32 teams
  • best 8 players will count in a game of the tournament for each team
  • All Star Game will have 32 members, best 8 players will be compared


EisFrei and durschdti