Good Morning EBL Teams,

I hope you haven´t been fooled to much yesterday. :-) I liked the joke of my community which was advertising a Mission Day for the 31 of June in Dresden. It was a great idea of our mods.

Ok, it is 7:25 a.m. in the morning and the next season will start in 12h and 35 Minutes, I have to be quick to explain what will change this season. I am sorry for announcing so late.

But first

Season Champion


Congrats to you!

Beta Season Six

Last season I put more than 10 teams into the 3 divisions and it happened what I thought, 3 Teams had the most amount of points, 4 Teams having less than 10 points and the rest had 0 points. What did I conclude?

Divisional System

The divisional system can only be used to a small amount of teams in one division because of the point system.

Daily first: 5 points
Daily second: 2 points
Daily third: 1 point
Weekly first: 15 points
Weekly second: 6 points
Weekly third: 3 points
Monthly first: 50 points
Monthly second: 20 points
Monthly third: 10 points

Only 3 Teams really benefit of the points and I noticed this is not enough. I asked EisFrei to change the point system to

Daily first: 5 points
Daily second: 4 points
Daily third: 3 points
Daily fourth: 2 Points
Daily fith: 1 point
Weekly first: 15 points
Weekly second: 12 points
Weekly third: 9 points
Weekly fourth: 6 points
Weekly fith: 3 points
Monthly first: 50 points
Monthly second: 45 points
Monthly third: 40 points
Monthly fourth: 35 points
Monthly fith: 30 points

This way more teams will benefit and the divisonal ranking will still be open at the half of the month.


This season I will try a different way. EisFrei won´t make it to change the points until this evening so I decided it is time to test the way I wanted from the start. 4 Teams in one divison. This way we keep the teams closer together or atleast, all the teams will make points.

Forget the ranking of the division this season. All divisions are equal and the top 2 teams of each divsion will play in the Playoffs. This way the playoffs will be more like a tournament and we don´t have the wild card system anymore.


Why testing this way? Some of you asked me about creating own games and tournaments. If we test this way and the tournament works out we can use the guideline to write a script that everyone of you could create their own torunament with putting a badge into the system and the winning team will receive the badge in their team profile. If somethings works for the teams it will work for the single users too.

In April we will play the playoffs in the old way and in may I will replace the playoffs with the new tournament. I will try to put all the games on fridays or saturdays. I know, some of you prefer in the middle of the week but lets do it next month more on the weekends and if that isn´t this good we change it the next month.


I had been asked if their is a way to write a discription or motivation of the team into the team profile. I adressed that to EisFrei too. I asked him to create the Team profile more like a social network page. This way all your titles and members will be displayed in a better way. Users can have different badges than the team because they took single challanges or played in a different team before.

All Star Game

I will invite the best 32 players of last month into the game. 16 on each side. Noboday of the players knew if they had time on the 25 and 2 days before the game some canceled the game. This makes it difficult for me to find a substitude in a short time. The best 8 players will still be compared.

Spring plaster

Since only 29 teams hang in with us I blocked the other teams to participate in the league at the moment. I didn´t delete them but it is just cleaing up to have a better overview. I do the same thing with accounts. I can test things better if I know who is hanging in with us.

Special Event

In May is my birthday. I place a game on the 13th, which is my date of birth, and I will putt all active members from the last season into it. The best player of the game will receive a shirt. Yesterday I had an idea for a new one.

Summary for Beta Season Six

  • 29 Teams are playing a new mode
  • 4-5 teams in a division
  • all divsions are equal
  • Winner of the divison will play second of a different divison in the first round of the next month tournament
  • season champion is the best team of all divisions, if it is tied the better team in the scoreboard will win
  • this month will be played the old playoff way
  • in may the tournament will be played
  • All Star Game will have 32 members, best 8 players will be compared

Have a beautiful day.



EisFrei and durschdti