Hello EBL Teams,

how are you? The weather is getting better on the north side of globe and I even could wear short paints today but not every member of the EBL is having summer feeling. For example FrauGerman, who is a russian player having german ancestor and thats why she chose this name. She was picked for the All Star Game as a substitute because 3 players couldn´t play at the 25th. She send a pic with her friend walking in a snow wonder land. :-) She managed to rock the game. She used about 2500 burster and did the best result of the game to decide the game for the Space Frogs. Here are the results.


Next time I will pick 16 players for each team and pick the best 8 players of each side to compare because it is normal that players tell me 2 days before the match they can´t make it.

Mission Day South Africa

Over a week ago the Ingress players from South Africa had a Mission Day in Johannesburg.


The box I sent didn´t make it on time. I is still at the South African customs office but there was a delay in Germany too. Let´s make a story short, next time I send something I have to send it at least a month before. :-)

Mission Day Dortmund

EisFrei and I made it to the Mission Day but we didn´t meet. My girlfriend Keedi and I were on time for the group picture at 11:30 but a lot of people already made the registration and started the missions. Everywhere we go we meet Burli from the NinjaFrogs who is having his personal rivalry for the mission crown. He said he is second at the moment.

Since Keedi and I have a baby which is 17 weeks old and we had to push a stroller, feed it and keep the kid happy all the time we couldn´t just walk to different points. After the group picture on which we are cut out because we stood to far left we did the registration and finished the missions just half an hour before deadline. At that time our kid got screamy after being a great kid for 5 hours, 15km, two diaper and feeding stops. So we couldn´t meet with EisFrei who was already done since an hour or two and who had to take the train back to his home town. I met some players, e.g. Tinitus69 from the Angry Frogs for a little chat but our son wanted to go home. I damaged my power bank because I hooked on a pole with the cable and had to make the last 4 mission with 60% of energy. Keedi has an Iphone and a different cable but it worked all out some how.

After returning home from the 6 hour drive the next day I even dropped my phone and broke my self printed shell. So I have to touch the slippery aluminum and I dropped the phone into a water bucket today. It survived by my fast reaction. :-) If things don´t work in your favour it all comes at ones but I never give up and so @EisFrei we will meet some day. :-)

Thats not the group pic but I didn´t find. It is still a pic of the day at the registration. Big thanks to the Dortmund Ingress Communities!!


Identify with the EBL

The team from the next door city just created some ID Cards and I have to say a big thanks. They come from Chemnitz in Saxony and placed our logo on their ID Card which is looking great.



Since I write this blog some players noticed our project and invite us to their places. I wished we could make it but not in the near future. At least not me. :-) But I can place your invites in here to help you.

IngressFS: Silesia


IngressFS: Madrid


X-Faction Meeting


Mission Day Mannheim


Season VI

Since EisFrei and I didn´t meet we still have some open points on some topics but we will get it done. I can´t say when because we both are a little busy at the moment but we will find a way. I can´t do much without him because he is the brain behind the programming and he is programming any given free time he has on this project. I still own him more than a beer for his work.

We are working on

  • All Star Game will have 16 players for each team.

  • Interface: switching between division will be more easy with buttons

  • All games one rule, all full AP or average

  • team text box to introduce themself

  • automations which is still done by hand, it is more than you think :-)

Competition revives buisness

Yesterday I heard about Smurf the World. Someone told me it could be something like a single player EBL for the Resistance. I hope they will change their mind and will make team play too. That way we could find the best Ingress community in the world by having a game of both teams but it could only be a rumor.

Enough for today a have great week and after wednesday is Robinson Crusoe day, we all wait for friday. :-)


EisFrei and durschdti